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Getzistan is the wealthy gambling kingdom of the Seven Deserts ruled by the affluent Sultan Pasta Al-Dente.


It is the most wealthy and popular kingdom among the Seven Deserts, with buildings and streets that radiate as if they were palaces, with beautiful architecture, 24/7 entertainment, and the most popular casinos and restaurants in the desert. Despite their far greater prosperity and being devoid of any criminal activity, the kingdom is prone to suffer attacks from giant creatures some would consider to be monsters, although such attacks are usually caused by those who seek to take the city's fortune from its ruins.

Places of Interest[]

  • Sultan Al-Dente's Palace
  • Club Nest Egg
  • Samir's Cave



Never Say Nefir[]

Power to the Parrot[]

The Seven Faces of Genie[]

Egg-stra Protection[]


  • It is based on Kazakhstan and the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, but it could also be based on Dubai, which is considered the Las Vegas of the Middle East.