Giant Three-Headed Lion is a magical fire breathing lion charged with guarding the temple of Mothias.

Physical Appearance

It is a giant fire breathing lion with orange eyes, the wings of a eagle and a tail of a dragon.


Its left and right head are no different than regular savage lions, however its middle head is intelligent and capable of speech, but still just as violent against intruders.



The origins of this creature are unknown, but it was ordered to guard the temple that would house the fearsome Mothias by ancient imps long ago.

Mission: Imp Possible

When Genie, Iago, and Nefir Hasenuf arrives at the gate of the Chinese tower building, giant fire breathing, three-headed, winged lion comes out, they tried to reason with it but The Winged Lion ignores them, one Lion blows a flame at Genie, one Lion used the tongue at Nefir, one Lion told Iago "none shall pass the tower", The Winged Lion chased Genie around outside the Chinese tower building,  Genie builds a giant three-headed stockade and locks The Winged Lion in, in the end of the episode after defeating a giant moth Mothias The Winged Lion chased Nefir around inside the Chinese tower building.



  • During the conceptual phase of the first film it was initially planned to have Aladdin fight a winged lion but with only one head alongside a giant roc, however these ideas were phased out for the final film and only concept art came from it.

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