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The Golden Scarab Beetle is a magical object featured in the film Aladdin.


The scarab is made into two halves. When they are put together, they light up and fly to the location of the Cave of Wonders. Before it reaches the cave the scarab splits apart and buries itself in the sand. The two halves help to form the cave's eyes. After the cave disappears, the scarab rolls down the hill, and Iago picks of the two halves and hands them back to Jafar. They both made in Ancient Egypt.



Somehow, Jafar was able to obtain one of the two halves of the scarab. Jafar hired his thief Gazeem to acquire the other half for him. Gazeem reveals that he had to slit a few throats for it.

Nasira's Revenge[]

Aladdin have to use the scarab to location the Cave of Wonders and rescue Genie and Carpet.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin Books[]

The Scarab only appears in books that are adaptations of the first film.

Aladdin (video game)[]

As the game is an adaptation of the first film, the Scarab serves much of the same role as in the film, however in the game Aladdin must first find the Scarab in the desert before entering the Cave of Wonders.

House of Mouse[]

The Scarab appears as Jafar's keychain.

Kingdom Hearts (series)[]

While the Scarab did not appear in the first game in the series despite having a loose adaptation of the first film, it would go on to appear in a mobile spinoff that followed the film a bit more closely, but instead had the player character in the role of Gazeem.

Disney Crossy Road[]

The Scarab appeared in the game as a collectible character.

Disney Magic Kingdoms[]

The Scarab appeared as a tapper.

Aladdin (2019 film)[]

The Scarab serves the same role as the first film.