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The enigmatic "Green-Skinned Man" (or simply "The Magic Guy" by Abis Mal) was an unusual merchant who dealt in the trade of enchanted artifacts.

Physical Appearance[]

He is an unusual humanoid figure of unknown race with green reptilian skin and snake-like eyes, with his snake-like hissing making him all the more snake-like. His attire is made up of a simple red robe and an odd gold headpiece with a crystal ball on it.


The green-skinned man is a very unusual and mysterious individual with an almost sinister aura to his presence, however he honors his deals and has no qualms about selling powerful artifacts to thieves so long as they pay well, showing that he is an individual motivated solely by greed.

Powers and Abilities[]

The green merchant appears to be a sorcerer or a magical entity of some sort similar to a spirit or genie, as such he can turn into a puff of smoke and vanish into thin air. He can also acquire artifacts of great power with little effort, such as the Candle of Magma.


Smolder and Wiser[]

Through unknown means, Abis Mal and Haroud Hazi Bin had discovered a way to make contact with the elusive green merchant and had him meet them in the Thieves Guild. There Abis Mal had arranged for the green one to sell him the legendary Candle of Magma in exchange for a sack of gold. After receiving his payment, the green merchant vanished just as quickly as he appeared in a puff of green smoke, but not before informing Abis Mal that he had an excellent cure for baldness.


  • His overall reptilian appearance and penchant for making green smoke is reminiscent of a Marid.