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Gregarius is one of Mechanicles' evil inventions created to take over Agrabah.

Physical Appearance[]

Gregarius is a short and round robot with wheels for legs, stubby "arms" with no hands, a huge perpetual grin, large mechanical eyes, a small metal beard, and his whole body is made of gold or bronze plating on his head, arms, "legs", midsection and chest compartment while the rest of his body is painted to resemble clothing, especially the top of his head which is designed to resemble a turban to better fit in with Agrabahnian aesthetics.


Gregarius was created to be the epitome of hospitality, possessing a seemingly friendly and sociable nature that is all too willing to serve, but in truth, like most of Mechanicles' creations, Gregarius is an emotionless machine whose only desire is to please Mechanicles and aid him in his nefarious schemes. As such Gregarius has no issue with brainwashing or murdering anyone who stands in the way of Mechanicles' goals.


His primary ability are his eyes, which Mechanicles designed to create hypnotic patterns which can brainwash victims into obeying any of Gregarius' demands, similar to Jafar's Snake Staff but far more potent. However, despite Gregarius' dangerous ability, it is completely useless against "magic folk" like Genies and Magic Carpets as his eyes are just glorified parlor tricks rather than actual magic.

Despite his lack of hands, he sports many retractable mechanical arms inside his chest cavity and head which can hold many useful items as well as deadly weapons like daggers, clubs, axes, swords and even buzz-saws. The top of his head can even form a small propeller for flight.


I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like[]

After the most recent defeat of his Mechanical Scorpions at the hands of Aladdin, Mechanicles decided that fighting was not the way to defeat him, but rather through "cooperation". So he created Gregarius to "befriend" Aladdin and his friends through its hypnotic devices and presented it as an anonymous gift for The Sultan. Mechanicles' ruse worked and Gregarius was able to hypnotize everyone in the Palace with the exception of Genie and Magic Carpet who were immune to his cheap non-magical parlor tricks. Despite this shortcoming, Gregarius was able to turn Genie and Carpet's friends against them and force them to cooperate and obey him, even forcing the Palace residents to partially redesign the Palace to suit Mechanicles' needs and later invite Mechanicles himself once everyone was securely under his control.

With both Gregarius and Mechanicles controlling Agrabah and its royal family, nothing could stop them, except for Genie's increasingly short patience who had enough of Aladdin's cooperation, so he and Carpet took him far away from Agrabah to reason with him which allowed them to find out he was being hypnotized by Gregarius. With this new realization, the trio returned to Agrabah and smashed Gregarius to finally remove Mechanicles from the throne, however Aladdin's friends were already completely under the control of Gregarius, with Mechanicles forcing them to protect, thus keeping Aladdin from harming him. Matters only grew worse when Gregarius returned, having survived Genie's brutal smashing and now carried deadly weapons to eviscerate Aladdin. A heated and deadly fight ensued but Aladdin was able to endure while Genie destroyed Gregarius from the inside, completely ruining his inner workings and undoing his hypnotic effects, thus putting an end to Gregarius and defeating his creator once more.



  • He is the only one of Mechanicles' creations capable of speaking.
  • His name is a pun on the word gregarious, befitting his sociable facade.
  • His design is reminiscent of the character Tik-Tok the clockwork mechanical man from the Oz book series.
    • Upon meeting him, Genie even compares him to the Tin-Man and transforms into Dorothy Gale.