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The Guardian

The Guardian is the mysterious protector of the Temple of Destiny which houses the legendary Destiny Stone.



It is unknown how long he has been guarding the Destiny Stone or how he came to hold his position. What is known is that years ago when Aladdin was 16 years old, he and the monkey Abu were used by the criminal team of Aziz, Minos and Fatima to break into the temple and steal the Destiny Stone. However, the Guardian saw that Aladdin passed through the temple with his own courage and strength and so gave him the right to use the Destiny Stone, but Aziz, Minos and Fatima appeared and tried to take the stone by force. This would be their undoing as the stone ended up absorbing all three and trapping them inside the stone itself. The Guardian then assured Aladdin that despite the fate of his peers, the Destiny Stone would assure that a glorious destiny awaited Aladdin now, beginning with his newfound friendship with Abu and a year later the discovery of the Genie's Lamp which would set off a chain of events that would ensure Aladdin a glorious destiny.

Seems Like Old Crimes[]

Years later, the Guardian journeyed to Agrabah to warn Aladdin that Aziz, Minos and Fatima had escaped their prison and destroyed the Destiny Stone, and that they would come to seek their revenge on him.