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A Gypuuk

A Gypuuk is a giant fresh water octopus-like monster that resides in lakes and rivers.


They are never fully seen as only their tentacles are all that's ever shown, however Genie and Nefir Hasenuf claim that they resemble an octopus.


Mission: Imp Possible[]

When Genie, Iago and Nefir Hasenuf teamed up to invade the temple of Mothias, they were stopped by the vicious gypuuk that guarded the lake the temple was in. Luckily Genie was able to defeat the beast by boiling the lake's water to be hot enough to cook the beast alive, transforming the lake into a giant-sized bowl of octopus soup.

Eye of the Beholder[]

A Gypuuk was owned by a band of bandits who operated near a river, controlling the beast with the use of a horn. As Aladdin and his friends made their journey to the Tree of Renewal to curse a cursed Jasmine after she had been turned into a snake-like naga by Mirage, they were captured by the gypuuk as the bandits demanded they hand over their goods, however the reptilian Jasmine used her new snake-like abilities to fight back and defeat the bandits, forcing them to call off their gypuuk.