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The Harem Girls are a trio of brothel workers named Naji, Taji and Maji who reside in Agrabah under the care of Bakhtawar.

Physical Appearance[]

Naji, The Fuchsia One: She has short black hair, fairly dark skin and a curvy figure. She also has a long fuchsia bedlah pants, red bedlah top that shows her breast cleavage and bellybutton, fuchsia arm bands and fuchsia veil on her face. She is the only one of the three that has a beauty spot on her left cheek. She is later seen wearing a lavender outfit in Prince Ali.

Taji, The Pink one: She has short black hair, fairly dark skin and a curvy figure. She has a long light pink bedlah pants, light pink bedlah top that shows her breast cleavage and bellybutton, light pink arm bands and light pink veil on her face. She is the only one of the trio whose outfit's color doesn't change.

Maji, The Lavender One: She has short black hair, fairly dark skin and a curvy figure. She has a long lavender bedlah pants, lavender bedlah top that shows her breast cleavage and bellybutton, lavender arm band and lavender veil on her face. She has the shortest hair of the three. She is later seen wearing a red outfit in Prince Ali.



They are first seen when Aladdin breaks into their brothel where he happily ogles them as they express both annoyance and flirtatious behavior. They seem to be familiar with him but are shown to not sympathize with his plight. They then push him out the window as Bakhtawar threatens Aladdin with her broom ("One Jump Ahead"). When Aladdin shows up in town as Prince Ali, they swoon over him and are very impressed with him as he is presented by The Genie who, at one point, disguised himself as one ("Prince Ali"), they joined the parade with Jasmine.

Aladdin And The King Of Thieves []

They appear in The Genie's song, "There's A Party Here In Agrabah" and they were also invited to Aladdin's And Jasmine's wedding as the flower girls.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin (Musical)[]

The Harem Girls appear in the Broadway musical version of Aladdin much with the same role as in the film.

Aladdin (2019 film)[]

They reappear in the live-action film much with the same role as in the film, however they appear to be students of some sort rather than workers at a brothel. Also, unlike the original, they are the ones who flirt with Aladdin as they fawn over him literally falling into their laps. They also sing along with chorus.


Concept Art[]

Behind The Scenes[]

During the film's early production, the Harem Girls would've had more varied physiques, with the first being more voluptuous and taller than the rest, the second being skinnier than the rest, and the third being shorter and fatter than the rest. Their outfits were also notably different. During this time, they were alternatively called the "Three Sisters" rather than the Harem Girls.


Harem girls genie

Other harem girls summoned by Genie

  • The words 'harem' and 'girls' refers to either the wives, concubines or servants occupying a section of a house reserved for women members of a Muslim household.
  • They are often compared to the Bimbettes from Disney's 1991 American animated musical romantic fantasy film, Beauty And The Beast, as they are flirtatious, fairly ditzy, speak in unison and have more impressive figures than the main female lead, in this case, Jasmine.
    • Like the Bimbettes, their wardrobes constantly change color.
  • Besides them, there are other Harem Girls summoned by The Genie in the songs "Friend Like Me" and "Prince Ali", however these were merely magical constructs and transformed rats.
  • Despite Bakhtawar appearing in the Animated Series along with several other background characters from the song "One Jump Ahead", the Harem Girls were all absent from Aladdin media (outside of a few books and merch) until Aladdin And The King Of Thieves.
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