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Heads, You Lose
Season 2, Episode 52
Ep 51
Air date November 21, 1994
Written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth
Directed by Rob LaDuca
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Aladdin, Jasmine and the Sultan are pleased at a rare visit from the Caliph Kapok, but Iago reminds them that he is a powerful wizard, and asks them to name a single good wizard they have met. They dismiss Iago's concerns, and decide to welcome him.

To their shock, the Caliph has met with an unfortunate curse - it seems his powerful, black-hearted body has somehow separated itself from his chilly, logical head, and Kapok is here to ask for their help in reuniting them. While Iago remains doubtful, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie and Abu agree, and all of them head to the Caliph's palace.

Upon arriving, they discover that lacking a head does not seem to be inhibiting Kapok's body in his fighting abilities. The guards rush in as they fight, and Jasmine learns from them that Kapok is lying - in truth he has a good heart, but his head often thinks so coldly and logically that his heart actually used magic to reject it. She calls out to Genie to stop.

Unfortunately, Kapok shackles his head back to his body before they can stop Genie from breaking the curse. He mocks Aladdin for thinking with his heart first, pointing out that the only reason he cares about having a heart at all is for the magical power it possesses. He argues that he's not evil, but believes thinking with your heart is pointless. He casts a spell upon Aladdin, separating his head from his body in much the same way as Kapok's was. Aladdin's body almost instantly starts acting without thinking, and they have to retreat before Aladdin hurts himself.

The group retreat to Agrabah, discovering that now they are separated, Aladdin's head is a cold and rational jerk, while his body with its kind heart is rash and impulsive, romantic at inconvenient times. Worse, Aladdin's head is coming to decide he's better off without the heart. The only person who knows how to reunite Aladdin's head and heart is Kapok, but there's not much point in asking while his head is in charge of his powers.

They return to see that Kapok's head is back in charge of the kingdom, and how he dislikes things like music and art just for being illogical, considering them a waste of time. Aladdin's head is still complaining about his body being irrational, but he doesn't have much choice in the matter as they fight, being tossed around repeatedly. Suddenly he is hurled towards the brazier. However his impulsive but kind heart jumps to catch him, despite the risk. Aladdin's head realises that sometimes there just isn't time to think things over, and that's when you need to listen to your heart.

The fight ends with Kapok's head and body once again separated. Seeing that Aladdin's head and heart are in agreement, Kapok's powerful body gratefully reunites them, while the people rejoice to have their kind-hearted ruler back.

The next morning we see that Kapok's body is now keeping his head in a cage to stop him from abusing his powers, Aladdin makes a joke, that "Everybody needs somebody", and everybody groans at the pun, while Kapok complains about how useless a sense of humour is, and they fly back home.

Character Debut[]

Caliph Kapok

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