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Iago's Promise
Iago's Promise
Author A. R. Plumb, Laureen Burger, Mark Marderosian, H. R. Russell
Publication date March 1, 1995
Published by Disney Press
Publication Order
Preceded by
A Small Problem
Followed by
Jasmine's Magic Charm

Iago's Promise is the fourth and final book in the series The Further Adventures of Aladdin.


Iago has promised not to say an unkind word about anyone for two days. He'll be rewarded with a brand-new super-deluxe birdbath if he makes it. The trouble is he's overheard the newest members of the palace staff making suspicious plans for the upcoming Ceremony of Fireworks. Iago doesn't want to risk losing his prize, but if he doesn't say something soon, he's afraid the Ceremony might be more explosive than anyone bargained for.