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Iago Returns
Iago Returns
Publication date April 1, 1994
Published by Disney
Publication Order
Preceded by
Jasmine's Magic Charm
Followed by
Abu Monkeys Around

Iago Returns is an illustrated storybook based on the characters from Aladdin.


Aladdin and Jasmine go on a new adventure, but Iago decides to tag along. Can they trust the shifty bird to behave himself or will things go awry?


After having been forced to endure days of strict palace etiquette, Aladdin and Jasmine decide to take a break from their royal lessons and sneak out of the Palace to travel alone together for a few days to get some peace and quiet. However, Aladdin decides to bring Iago along to make sure he doesn't do anything to upset the Sultan while they're gone, an action which upsets Jasmine who was hoping for some alone time. Regardless, the two warn the bird to behave himself and sneak out of the Palace on a wagon so one can see them, forcing them leave Magic Carpet to avoid attention. After getting far enough away, they head over to Raschid's animal rental and rent one of his most exquisite creature, a rare white Winged Horse that can substitute Carpet. However, Jasmine and Aladdin realize that they forgot to bring money. Iago then begins searching through a shifty little bag he's been carrying and Raschid notices a beautiful little diamond sticking out of the back and quickly grabs it, accepting it as suitable payment for the horse to which Iago objects but his protests go unheard as Jasmine and Aladdin happily accept Iago's "generosity".

The trio then happily soared through the air to parts unknown to enjoy their little vacation only to become lost. Meanwhile a flustered Iago continued to search in his bag for a map so they could begin planning their destination, but as Iago rummaged through his bag he thoughtlessly pulled out a beautiful jeweled necklace which was missing a single diamond. Jasmine took notice of this necklace and was quick to accuse Iago of stealing the necklace from the palace treasure room, but Iago was quick to defend himself by pointing out that Jafar had given him the necklace long before for safe keeping which was in fact an enchanted necklace from Jafar's mystical collection that once belonged to legendary queen Scheherazade, the keeper of the 1,001 Arabian Nights. Jasmine instantly recognized the name of the famous queen and how she captivated her husband with her tales, however she never knew she owned a magic necklace. Iago then explains that the necklace was worn by the great queen when she told her stories to her husband, magically preserving all of her magical tales within and when the largest ruby on the necklace is touched it randomly takes the user to a location in the past where one of the 1,001 tales actually took place. Iago then decides to use the necklace to take them somewhere interesting since they're lost anyway, and he then touches the ruby, transporting all three of them to a recreation of the past and aboard the ship of the mighty Sinbad the Sailor. Upon landing on the ship, Aladdin is quickly mistaken for Sinbad while Jasmine and Iago are treated as stowaways and locked in the brig.

Later that night, Aladdin snuck into the brig and freed Jasmine and Iago by picking their locks. Aladdin then tried to use the necklace to take them home but Iago revealed that Raschid had taken a diamond from the necklace, causing it to malfunction and leaving them trapped in Sinbad's story. Aladdin then decided that they would have to escape the ship by themselves and snuck away on a lifeboat, hoping that if they go far enough they can escape the story. They then rowed until dawn and arrived on a dark tropical island. As they explored its jungles, Jasmine was reminded of another one of Scheherazade's tales, one about a giant Cyclops that captured the adventurers. Just then the legendary Cyclops in question appeared and captured the travelers in his net while ogling them with a hungry look on his face. Iago swiftly tore a hole in the net with his beak and told Aladdin and Jasmine to run, but the Cyclops caught Iago by the wing as he tried to escape. Just then, a devilish idea came to the devious parrot. He then teased the Cyclops and told the dumb brute that he had something interesting to show him. The cyclops then held Iago in his hand who in turned hid something from the cyclops. Iago then beckoned the Cyclops closer and closer... A moment later, Iago reunited with Aladdin and Jasmine who wondered how he escaped. Iago simply pointed out that the giant oaf had an eye the size of a watermelon and that he had a very sharp beak, and for Aladdin and Jasmine to do the math.




  • Takes place after The Return of Jafar.
  • The One Thousand and One Nights of the Arabian Nights is referenced by name and the tales are confirmed to have occurred long before Aladdin.
  • The design of the first cyclops is the same as Fashoom's but with dark skin.