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Magma, the most well known Ifrit.

Ifrits (also known as Afrits) are lesser demonic genies with elemental affinities who cause havoc wherever they go.


Ifrits are similar to Elementals, but unlike the latter they are restricted to a single form, although they can give the illusion of increasing their size by covering themselves in their element. Also while Elementals are more mischievous and juvenile with a clear goal in mind, Ifrits are aimless and prone to chaotic damage, although they are content with just being left alone.

Ifrit Law[]

Much like with genies who they share relation to, Ifrits loosely follow a code known as "Ifrit Law", in which an Ifrit must obey whoever has summoned them in a proper candle-lit ritual; and only after fulfilling the deed may the Ifrit return to their domain. However they may choose to ignore it unless reminded of the law. ("Smolder and Wiser") Ifrits are also subservient to a special class of genies known as Marids. ("Abu and the Evil Genie")


There are three known types of Ifrits, each having their own elemental nature of either fire, ice or rock.


The standard Ifrit is a creature of fire and magma with a body of obsidian that resembles a miniature volcano with reptilian tail, arms and legs, and a vaguely humanoid face. The inside of their bodies is made up of magma and even their eyes and mouth glow red hot. They live deep in the Earth's core and consider the surface, even a place as hot as a desert, as too cold for them. They can create fireballs and manipulate and generate magma as they see fit, and can even coat themselves in magma to give the illusion of being larger than they actually are. The only known Ifrit is Magma, who lived deep within the Earth before he was banished to the Sun by Aladdin and Genie, where Genie surmised he would be most content.

Ice Ifrit[]

The Ice Ifrit is a creature of ice and snow with a body also made of sharp crystalline ice that resembles a short skinny humanoid, akin to goblins. Ice Ifrits have the power to create ice and snow as they see fit, freeze anything they wish and even cause snowstorms. They can even create living snowmen to do their bidding. They can also cover themselves in ice to create the illusion of a more intimidating appearance, or even control larger ice sculptures like an extension of their bodies. Unlike other Ifrits, their bodies can change form but only in the sense if they are melted they will dissolve into a puddle of water. As such Ice Ifrits cannot survive being attacked by fire or strong rays of heat, but if the source of heat ceases they can regenerate. The only know ice ifrit was Frajhid who lived alone in the North Pole in a castle made of ice.

Rock Ifrit[]

The Rock Ifrit is a creature of rock with a body made of solid stone. Unlike other Ifrits, Rock Ifrits do not posses elemental abilities or magical abilities, but they can turn others into stone via the highly potent venom they secrete from their fangs.