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The mysterious "Jackal Girl" is a young girl who is the lover of the equally mysterious "Treasure Man", both of whom were trapped on the Isle of Tragoon.



Under unknown circumstances in the past, the young girl and her beloved prince had incurred the wrath of a fiendish wizard on the Isle of Tragoon who placed a cruel curse on the young lovers. A curse which would transform the prince into a lifeless diamond statue surrounded by treasure contained in an enchanted cage that would only appear under the light of the full moon, and the young girl would be transformed into a vicious jackal beast under the light of the full moon, and the only way to break the curse would be for the young girl to kiss her prince, but the cruel wizard's curse made it impossible for the girl to kiss her beloved due to her part of the curse turning her into a mindless monster whenever the full moon appeared, dooming the two to an endless cycle of suffering.

Moonlight Madness[]

When Aladdin tricks Jasmine on going on a date, so that way he can go to a island which has a treasure that only appears when in the light of the full moon.

When they get to the island Aladdin gang search for the treasure leaving Jasmine alone on a log. When the Aladdin gan are walking they see footprints and see a young but beautiful woman in the distance. But when she sees them she runs and the a Aladdin gang follow them believing she's after her treasure.

When Aladdin goes away again they find the treasure which is looked in a glass chamber. They try to break in but the jackal chases them and chases Aladdin up a tree. Jasmine now tired of waiting for Aladdin follows Aladdin even though he begs Jasmine to stay away as the Jackal pounces on Aladdin which results in the branch falling.

As soon as they were falling the moon was blocked by some clouds and Jasmine walked in as soon as Jasmine walked in. We then see the same woman from earlier in Aladdin's arms which leaves Aladdin and Jasmine in, to which after that the woman ran into the forest. Aladdin tries to explain what happened saying that a jackal attacked him but Jasmine doesn't believe him and goes after the woman to find answers.

The Aladdin group go to find Jasmine but they find a path of human foot prints that turn into giant paw prints, to which Aladdin discovers that the woman earlier is the Jackal. We then see the woman running from Jasmine to which Jasmine standing in front of the tree demands for her to come out. Then the woman ran from her hiding place behind the ship and began running until Jasmine grabs her arm ribbons and pins her too the ground. The woman pleads Jasmine to go away to which leads to her asking way, after this the moon appears which causes the woman to crawl away and block her eyes with her hand.

When the moonlight touches her, her hand grows bigger and dark claws which leaves Jasmine in shock. Eventually the moon goes away shortly after this, and the woman is now normal again but when Jasmine tries to help her she pushes and tells her that she's curse and that in moonlight she turn's into a jackal. But before she couldn't finish her eye irises get smaller as the moon is revealed again. The woman's hands grow long dark finger nails and large hands along with her skin becoming grey and very hairy around the arms. We then pan up to see that the woman has messier hair and yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and long pointy ears.

This horrifies Jasmine and results in her falling to the ground as she turns into a Jackal, and right before she could attack her Aladdin comes and attacks the jackal but gets both of them locked in the treasure chamber. Right before the jackal could kill Aladdin, Genie inflates and blocks the moon which results in the jackal turning back into the woman. The woman then jumps off Aladdin and kisses the statue which then turns into a person named the treasure man as the woman thanks them for breaking the curse.

Later the woman reveals that she and her boyfriend were exploring the island only to have been cursed by a witch and that the only way that could break the curse was by kissing each. The episode ends with the Aladdin gang taking off with the Woman and treasure man behind for some reason.


She is shown to be a young woman probably in her late 20's to early 30's. She is skinny and has very fair skin. She wears a light green/blue skirt with heels. She has dark hair and blue earrings and wears a red braw.

As a Jackal she looks more like a wolf then a Jackel. She is black instead of blonde and has stripes similar to a Tasmanian tiger.


She is shown to be very shy when it comes to meeting over people do to her transformation. Though she's also maybe adventures as that could the reason she's on the island.


When as a human she is shown as a fast girl being able to out run jasmine and the overs even as a human.

When as a Jackal she is shown to be incredibly fast being able to climb trees and is able to jump great distances.


  • It's unknown why the Aladdin gang left her and the treasure man behind on the island.
    • It could be that they had no more room on carpet.
  • Her clothes disappear when she transforms.


  • The woman takes longer to transform every time we see her. When she transforms when she transforms when falling from the tree it's fast enough that Aladdin doesn't notice it. But when she transforms in front of Jasmine it lasts about 45 seconds.
    • It could be a coincident.
  • When the Aladdin gang look at the woman's footprints they are barefoot even though she wears shoe's.


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