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Jafar's Lamp

Jafar's Lamp

Jafar's Lamp was the dark lamp that served as the prison of Jafar after his transformation into a genie. The lamp was created following Jafar's wish to become an all-powerful genie, not realizing such a wish would result in eternal imprisonment.


"It is the curse of the lamp. All the power in the universe...and I am bound by the rules of the genie!"
Jafar about his lamp

It is a black and sleek oil lamp with sharp edges and a lid with stylized Arabian patterns on it. Unlike most genie containers, the lamp tends to glow an eerie red color when Jafar is angered and his voice can be heard through it even when it hasn't been rubbed.



After the power hungry sorcerer Jafar had conquered Agrabah and finally captured Aladdin, it seemed as though all was lost, but Aladdin then decided to toy with Jafar's ego and tricked Jafar into wishing he was an all-powerful genie after reminding him that Genie would forever be far more powerful than him. With his last wish, Jafar was made an all-powerful genie who now had the universe under his control, but unbeknownst to him, his newfound power came with a price, as a small black lamp was then created beneath Jafar, as Aladdin knew the evil sorcerer would be sealed into a lamp for eternity to do a master's bidding.


Genie prepares to banish Jafar's lamp.

He then held up Jafar's black, would-be prison and it swallowed Jafar (while pulling Iago with him) inside the itty bitty living space where they would hopefully remain. Genie then sent the lamp far into the Cave of Wonders for the next 10,000 years.

The Return of Jafar[]

Abis Mal and Jafar's Lamp

Abis Mal finding Jafar's Lamp.

In the sequel, Iago managed to escape the Cave of Wonders after much digging and then escape the lamp, but instead of releasing Jafar from it, he threw the lamp down a nearby well, due to Iago having grown irritated that Jafar never granted him credit when it's due, and instead used him (with Jafar also making the grave mistake of reminding Iago shouting "Polly Want a Cracker" that finalized Iago's decision).

Later, Abis Mal finds the lamp at the well and rubbed it, releasing Jafar. At the end of the film, Aladdin and his friends tried to capture Jafar's lamp so they could destroy it, which would thus destroy Jafar. In the end, a wounded Iago, having fully turned against Jafar, kicked the lamp into a lava pit and it melted away, causing Jafar to electrocute, then implode into nothingness, destroying him once and for all.

Aladdin: The Series[]

When Chaos Comes Calling[]

A black lamp resembling Jafar's was created by Chaos for Evil Aladdin which summoned his own Evil Genie.


  • Jafar's Lamp has gone on to make appearances in other Aladdin promotional material and Disney properties over the years, although its appearances pale in comparison to those of Genie's Lamp.
  • In the ambiguously canon Inside the Genie's Lamp featurette, Iago states that the inside of Jafar's lamp is cramped and smells awful in contrast to the inside of Genie's Lamp which has a lavish and wealthy interior, however if Jafar's Lamp is actually like this, its understandable since he spent far less time in his lamp than Genie.