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Jasmine's Quest for the Stardust Sapphire
Jasmine Stardust Sapphire
Author Kathy McCullough
Publication date February 12, 2019
Published by Random House
Publication Order
Preceded by
Jasmine's New Rules
Followed by
Jasmine's New Pet

Jasmine's New Rules is an illustrated storybook based on the characters from Aladdin.


Since defeating Jafar, Jasmine and Aladdin have been peacefully learning how to rule a kingdom. But everything’s about to change when a powerful curse threatens the land. Thankfully, the Genie is around to help! Kids ages 8 to 12 will love this new tale, which continues the story of Disney Aladdin.


On a beautiful moonless night, a falling star soared over the kingdom of Agrabah. Sparkling streaks of color followed the star, creating a shimmering rainbow that illuminated the sky. In the desert below, sands swirled, kicked up by a sudden gust of wind. Within moments, the twinkling colors had faded from view. Elsewhere, in the game room of the Sultan's Palace, Jasmine reached towards the chessboard to move one of her pieces. Her father, The Sultan sat across from her, kindly warning her not to be hasty, reminding her that chess is like ruling a kingdom, and that a proper leader must consider all the choices and think ahead, as each move must be the best choice. Aladdin and Abu though sat quietly on the side watching the game unfold with mild indifference as he played and juggled with the captured chess pieces, which caused Jasmine to giggle, reminding him to behave himself so she could focus on the game.



  • Genies being capable of being trapped in rings is likely a reference to the Genie of the Ring.
  • This is the first time since the last appearance Ayam Aghoul that ghouls have been referenced in the Aladdin franchise.