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Jasmine's Royal Wedding
Jasmine's Royal Wedding
Publication date May 26, 2015
Published by Disney Book Group
ISBN 1484750616
Publication Order
Preceded by
Aladdin: The Desert Race
Followed by
Jasmine the Matchmaker

Jasmine's Royal Wedding is an illustrated storybook based on the characters from Aladdin. This story was included alongside Jasmine the Matchmaker in a book titled Jasmine's Royal Adventures which included a Jasmine doll.


Jasmine and Aladdin are getting married! Jasmine decides that her wedding will be exactly like her mother's. That way she'll still be a part of her wedding. But as Jasmine starts to plan, she realizes she's missing a "treasure of treasures". Will Jasmine find it before she says "I do"?



  • The book seems to be a prequel to Aladdin and the King of Thieves, with Aladdin and Jasmine even wearing their wedding outfits from the film and the Palace having the same decorations. This makes it one of the few books to actually follow events from other Aladdin media and not just the first film. However Genie has no cuffs on unlike in the film, this, however, seems to be a tradition among the less than consistent books which have all featured Genie without cuffs like in the ending of the first film, with the last one to actually have him with cuffs being the 1997 book Aladdin: Wishful Thinking.