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Jasmine is the Princess and later Sultan of Agrabah and Aladdin's wife.

Physical appearance[]

very cool and beautiful dresses (and LOTS of dresses)


funny, never speechless



Not much is known about Jasmine's childhood, but what we are sure of is that she lost her mother very young.

The queen was attacked and cruelly murdered for what would come to suspect enemies of the kingdom, this would be the main reason why then the sultan wouldn't let the princess leave the palace, since he was terrified of the idea that something could happen to his daughter. The only thing that Jasmine keeps with her since her mother died is a gold bracelet inlaid with precious stones that the queen always brought with her.


This is never mentioned in the movie, but following the information from the 1992 movie, the story of "Aladdin" begins when Jasmine is 15 years old.

By this time, she has become a beautiful educated and intelligent lady, who feels a lot of empathy for the situation of misfortune and famine that her people are suffering.

So try to do something about it.

The great desire to help combined with her hunger for wanting to leave the palace lead her to make the decision to escape from it, being helped by her friend Dalia, who lends her a few clothes to go unnoticed by the itinerants.

When he arrives at the bazaar, he encounters a worse reality than she imagined, and through his tour, she sees two hungry children, so she decides to give each one a bread from one of the stores that were there, the only problem with this is that she didn't pay and was accused of thief.

The owner of the store, seeing the beautiful bracelet that she had in his hand, asked for it as a method of payment; Jasmine, after refusing to give her the much appreciated bracelet, was foreclosed to give it to the seller.

Then, it is when a boy comes from the same bazaar that prevents him from doing some damage, and they managed to escape with the bracelet and without having to give anything in return.

The princess leaves with this mysterious young man, whom she knows after his name is Aladdin; however, she doesn't mention her real name, much less that she is the princess of Agrabah, claiming to be her friend Dalia, an employee of the castle.

Jasmine and Aladdin have a connection class after talking about their childhood and how they have so much in common. But unfortunately Jasmine has to return to the palace, using the excuse of "I had to enlist the princess",she asks Aladdin for his bracelet back, however she sees how he doesn't have it with him, concluding that he probably stole it; This disappointed the princess a lot and she went back to the palace.


So Far, she is the first Disney Princess in a remake to get a masculine title (Sultan), as Cinderella and Aurora, whose remakes were made prior, were given the feminine equivalent, which was Queen.


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