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Jasmine and the Disappearing Tiger
Jasmine and the Disappearing Tiger
Author Leslie McGuire
Publication date January 1, 1993
Published by Mega-books
Publication Order
Preceded by
A-Mazing Aladdin
Followed by
Abu and the Evil Genie

Jasmine and the Disappearing Tiger is the second book in the series, Aladdin: Six New Adventures.


Ever heard of Omar and the Four Dates? Aladdin wishes he never had. Omar is a magician who's been invited to perform at the palace. Using magic spells, he makes elephants and dancing ropes appear. That's fun! He also makes Rajah disappear. That spells trouble! To find the disappearing tiger, Aladdin must first rescue Omar from a creepy sheik who's holding him captive. And that's double trouble!