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Jasmine the Matchmaker
Jasmine the Matchmaker (Cover)
Publication date May 26, 2015
Published by Disney Book Group
Publication Order
Preceded by
Jasmine's Royal Wedding
Followed by
Aladdin: Abu's Adventure

Jasmine the Matchmaker is an illustrated storybook based on the characters from Aladdin. This story was included alongside Jasmine's Royal Wedding in a book titled Jasmine's Royal Adventures which included a Jasmine doll.


The circus is in town, and Rajah is in love with its star... a pretty tigress named Mallika. There's just one problem: the circus must move on, and so must Mallika. Can Jasmine find a way to bring the two tigers together before the circus leaves town for good?




  • This story serves as a sequel to Runaway Rajah.
  • This story and Runaway Rajah are the only ones to focus entirely on Rajah.
  • The female monkey Abu falls for appears to be the same one from Runaway Rajah.