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Jenna was a young orphaned girl living on the streets in Agrabah along with her younger brother Rafi and sister Salima, she befriends Princess Jasmine, who invites her and her siblings to live at the palace. She appears in the 2006 book, My Best Friend is Jasmine.




Jenna lives on the streets of Agrabah with her younger brother Rafi, and younger sister Salima. One day, when looking for food, Jenna stumbles into the palace gardens, and twists her ankle. Princess Jasmine offers to let her and her siblings stay in the palace while her ankle heals. Jenna asks to help the princess with the palace animals, and Jasmine shows her a shy, lonely baby elephant that refuses to be near anybody. Over the time it takes for Jenna's ankle to heal, she slowly befriends the baby elephant, eventually earning his trust. Once Jenna's ankle is healed, Jasmine asks her, Rafi, and Salima to stay in the palace as the Caretaker of the Palace Animals, which Jenna accepts.


  • Jenna and her siblings make a brief cameo in the story Princesses and Puppies