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Mechanicles the Next Generation (or simply Junior for short) was a giant robot that was created by Mechanicles to serve as his "son" and successor.

Physical Appearance[]

Junior is a giant robot made in the spitting image of his "father" but with larger and bulkier limbs and a more buff upper body, likely to serve as Mechanicles' ideal vision of himself. What appear to be replicas of Mechanicles' hair also serve as Junior's exhaust pipes which release excess smoke from his inner workings, suggesting that he is powered by an additional steam or combustion engine of some sort despite relying mainly on being wound up to stay on.


Junior was designed by Mechanicles to be his first creation with complete free will and the ability to think, having a complex mechanical brain where every gear, cog and primitive circuit was designed with the capacity to allow Junior to achieve unparalleled brilliance, or so Mechanicles claimed. But because Wahid tampered with Junior's mechanical brain before he was activated, Junior did not activate accordingly and didn't even have the basic ability to achieve its own locomotion like Mechanicles other machines without Wahid or Mechanicles' bugs to operated it, rendering it a static and motionless machine. As such, whether or not he was actually capable of free will or having a mind like Mechanicles is unknown.


A Clockwork Hero[]

When the young street rat Wahid was wandering the streets one night, he saw a large mechanical beetle flying through the streets. Curious, he began to follow the strange creature and was led to an old building deep within the city that was actually the hideout of the evil Mechanicles. Wahid quickly hid and watched as Mechanicles had finished his latest and greatest creation, "Junior", a giant mechanical "son" made in his image who would carry on his legacy and finally destroy his archenemy Aladdin. Just then, Mechanicles and Scooter were distracted by the sudden appearance of an "icky" spider which led them away from their hideout. With Mechanicles gone, Wahid went up close to Junior's head and wondered how it worked. He then began messing around in Junior's head, causing a few pieces to fall apart. Just then Mechanicles arrived, forcing Wahid to quickly flee inside Junior's head before he could be seen. The boastful Mechanicles completely unaware of Wahid's presence then activated Junior hoping to see his creation come to "life", however nothing happened due to Wahid's tampering beforehand. Dejected, Mechanicles mourned his failure and was about to repair Junior's head. Acting fast, Wahid began tampering with Junior's inner workings, activating the mechanical titan but with no will of its own, leaving Wahid in complete control. The unaware Mechanicles then stared on in delight at his now activated creation and ordered it to destroy Aladdin. Wahid then operated Junior outside of the hideout and fled before Mechanicles could figure out what happened.

Junior's Demise

Junior's demise.

The next day, Mechanicles was happily wandering the streets, completely indifferent to everything around him, including the giant Dominus Tusk who had come to challenge Aladdin. Just then Junior arrived still controlled by Wahid and he easily defeated Dominus Tusk and saved Aladdin, an achievement which greatly angered the disappointed Mechanicles, who was completely furious over his "son" betraying him. Mechanicles then swore to eliminate Junior's "free will" by creating new mechanical bugs the following day to manually override Junior's gears and take control of him, does putting him under his control once more and putting Wahid in jeopardy. Now it was up to Aladdin and his friends to save Wahid and stop the rogue Junior. After a difficult battle with Mechanicles, Wahid was briefly able to take control of Junior and led it off a cliff before being saved by Aladdin, thus destroying Junior once and for all.