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Kabali (affectionately called Mr. Kabali) is a popular fruit merchant in Agrabah, having one of the largest assortments of fruits in the bazaar.


He seems humble towards his guests and is apparently quite popular.


My best friend is Jasmine[]

During dinner, Aladdin mentions him to Rafi saying 'Have you ever had a run in with old Mr. Kabali? He hates it if you so much as look at one of his apples unless you have money to pay for it.' This paints another perspective on Mr. Kabali. Maybe he changed and became humble later.

Jasmine: The Missing Coin[]

While Aladdin strolled through the marketplace, Abu stole some apples from Kabali's fruit stand. Which naturally earned him a scolding from Aladdin and who was forced to pay Kabali for Abu's antics.

The Jewel Orchard[]

During the Agrabah's fruit shortage, Jasmine paid a visit to Kabali's fruit stand, hoping that the most prominent fruit merchant in Agrabah would at least have a few fruits to sell, but like all the rest he was also out of fruits and was forced to close up shop, unaware that all the fruits in Agrabah's orchards had been transformed into gems by an unknown perpetrator. Luckily, Jasmine and Aladdin were able to solve the mystery behind the transformed fruits and turn them back to normal, restoring Agrabah's fruit trade.