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Kahvid and Yani are two children in Agrabah who are admirers of Aladdin.


Kahvid wears a gray outfit while his sister Yani wears a brown outfit. They both have long black haircuts, Yani's being slightly longer than Kahvid's. Yani also is slightly taller with a slightly darker skin tone. Otherwise, they look very similar to each other.


The two are both brave and caring. They are grateful for Aladdin sharing his food with them. Yani seems to have a crush on Aladdin, often swooning over him. Kahvid is adventurous and is a quick thinker, with Iago pointing out he sounds like Aladdin making a plan.


In the episode "Caught by the Tale", Iago and Genie frequently tell them stories about Aladdin. Genie's stories bore them because he tries to make them too safe so Iago tells more heroic stories but changes the so he is the hero instead of Aladdin. Abis Mal and Haroud catch wind of this and decide to use these stories to convince the children to go on an adventure for them in an underground temple beneath the marketplace so they can retrieve the Helmet of Babaganoosh, a golden helmet ordained with a scorpion that turns people to stone. Once they retrieved it, Abis Mal leaves them stranded there. Iago and Abu go down to help them but Kahvid hits Iago thinking he was a bat. Iago admits his stories were fake and Aladdin is the real hero not him, and Kahvid comes up with a plan to trap them behind a gate before they can get out and use the pillars to climb out. They find Genie who transforms Abu into a camel to rush to the place. Abis Mal freezes everyone including Genie but Aladdin comes in and manages to save them. Genie celebrates by wishing up a giant banana sundae. Kahvid and Yani talk about all the heroic stories they hears about Aladdin before Aladdin points out that they are heroes too.