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A very strange looking Kassim looking down on Babkak.

Kassim is a farmer and fruit merchant who co-owns a plot of farm land with his friend and business partner Babkak just outside of Agrabah.

History Episodes[]

Of Ice and Men[]

Kassim was one of the many onlookers marveling at Frajhid's snowy powers.

Power to the Parrot[]

Kassim had been convinced by his dense friend Babkak to invest in a melon farm however their crop was dying and they lacked enough water to keep them alive, making Kassim regret this business venture. Lucky for them, Iago, who had been granted the powers of a genie, used his new abilities to form a river next to their farm, bringing prosperity to their crop. However their good fortune would not last as Iago's "good deeds" began to go out of control, such as causing severe inflation in Agrabah by giving everyone treasure and flooding most of the city, including Kassim and Babkak's farm, under several feet of water, spurring the merchant duo to seek revenge on Iago along with the rest of the city.

Behind the Scenes[]

Early concept[]

Kassim was actually one of Aladdin's best pals in an early version of the first movie alongside Omar and Babkak. Together, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim would've served as Aladdin's "blood brothers" but were eventually replaced by Abu. Because of the changes, it is unknown if Kassim was still Aladdin's friend in the original films and animated series' continuity. However, the three friends would later be brought back in the 2011 musical adaptation with their original roles as Aladdin's best friends in tact. With the many school plays done of Aladdin junior, Kassim has taken on a variety of different roles.