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Khartoum is an evil wizard trapped in the book.


Khartoum was a powerful and evil sorcerer who was imprisoned in a large magical book by his enemies. His only hope of release was to find a greedy sorcerer to make a magical gem called the Philosopher's Stone which contained the god-like energy and abilities of the cosmos itself. After Mozenrath created the stone, Khartoum double-crossed him and took the stone for himself. His name was an adaptation of the capital and second largest city of Sudan and of Khartoum State.


Mozenrath found Khartoum and tried to unlock his secrets after he searched for the book for 7 years in the 7 Deserts. Khartoum then came to life and floated. Khartoum pretended to be Mozenrath's ally and told him that the key to all of the magical secrets in the cosmos was held within a magical gem called the Philosopher's Stone, which required a cosmic power source that was strong enough to heat the furnace. Mozenrath then decided to kidnap Genie on the beach.

However, Genie wasn't powerful enough to heat the furnace, but Mozenrath became happy when he found Eden, who tried to rescue Genie and tricked her into heating the furnace with Genie under the false promise of releasing him. When the Philosopher's Stone was finished, Khartoum freed himself, and double-crossed Mozenrath. Khartoum then tried to kill Mozenrath and the others, but Genie and Eden initiated the Genie Embrace, which allowed them to power up to their full strength and stopped Khartoum by taking back the Philosopher's Stone and sent it into the sky to self-destruct while Khartoum reverted back in his book state, which then disappeared.


Khartoum was greedy, wanted the power of the cosmos of the universe, and was willing to betray those who helped him once they served his purpose. Khartoum was also known as kooky, hard-working, accountable, respectful, testy, obstinate, unkind, mean, keen, harsh, austere, rational, thoughtless, organized, unsympathetic, and menacing.


Khartoum bore a resemblance to the Evil Sultan from Nasira's Revenge.


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