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Khuriya was an ancient sorcerer from one-thousand years ago who ruled the Eastern Desert which was then known as "Khuriya's Place" and it was he who weaved and enchanted the legendary Magic Carpets, making him Carpet's creator. He is mentioned in 'The Magic Carpet's Secret'


Khuriya was a wise and intelligent sorcerer who cared deeply about his creations and wished to preserve their magical power for all time.

Powers and Abilities[]

Silver Loom

Khuriya's silver loom.

He was a sorcerer of great power but also a master weaver, capable of creating carpets of unparalleled beauty and complexity. His magical abilities allowed him to not only give his creations life but to fly at unmatched speeds through the air. He was able to create his wondrous carpets with the aid of his mystical Silver Loom, and the power and life of his carpets will forever be preserved so long as his Silver Loom is maintained and used by his successors who must carry out a very special ritual:

“Each evening at sunset, you will weave a small square of cloth on this silver loom. Use threads of gold. You will weave the letters of my name, Khuriya, into the cloth. Then, at sunrise each morning, you will unravel the gold cloth, save the threads, and use them to reweave the cloth at sunset.” - Khuriya