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King Mamood is the spoiled, bratty child king of Quirkistan until reforming.


He is a young African child of Quirkistanian descent who wears red king clothing and a giant red crown.


Originally he was a spoiled and self-serving brat who only wished to get his own way and delighted in seeing others risks their lives or make fools of themselves for his amusement. However his selfish nature was due to his isolated and pampered lifestyle as he never realized how much suffering his actions caused until being shown by Aladdin. Upon being forced to let Jasmine go so she and her "family" would be happy, he realized that serving others and making people happy made him feel good as well. Mamood then turned over a new leaf and became and kind and generous king, but in his case a bit too generous which made his vizier Wazeer worried for their economical future as now Mamood wished to give away all of his fortune to his subjects and give everyone noble status.


His emotions are linked to the land of Quirkistan, so whenever he is happy the land is prosperous but when he is upset the land becomes a barren wasteland. It is unknown if he possesses other forms of magic or will when he grows older.


Bad Mood Rising[]

He has been in a bad mood since his surprise birthday party and Wazeer hopes Aladdin and his friends can cheer him up. Their attempts only anger the prince further until Jasmine tells him some engaging bed time stories. Mamood decides she must stay in his kingdom and Aladdin tries to free her. However, when they realize this has only upset him further and causes a severe lightning storm, Jasmine decides to return to Mamood. She continues telling him stories until Aladdin arrives to pretend to say farewell, staging a tear jerking farewell with Jasmine's "family" using Genie's magic and Mamood decides to let her go, touched. He realizes doing good things feels good and he remains in a good mood, deciding to help people.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves[]

Mamood and his vizier Wazeer attended the wedding of Aladdin and Jasmine along with many of their other friends.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin Books[]

Mamood and Wazeer appeared in the storybook adaptation of Aladdin and the King of Thieves as guests at the wedding, but unlike in the film, they were also present during the Forty Thieves' attack on the Palace.


  • King Mamood's character is reminiscent of the Twilight Zone character Anthony Fremont from the episode "It's a Good Life", who was also a powerful spoiled child with complete control over everything in his hometown of Peaksville, Ohio and who was feared by all, even his own family.
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