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He is muscular man and wears Grecian clothing with a white cape. He wears brown wrist bracelets. He is blond with a blond beard.


King Pector is friendly and good natured but short tempered and arrogant along with narcissistic. He also tends to jump to conclusions rather easily and can be aggressive in battle, fight first asking questions later. He is also spiteful and vengeful.


He has god like strength and control over the weather.


King Pector swoops down to the isle of Galifem on his golden chariot, led by a winged unicorn named Lulu to confesses his love for Queen Hippsodeth but she rejects him because she has fallen in love with the Sultan ignoring Pector's advances and sends him off. Scara is in love with him however. Queen Hippsodeth sends the Sultan a love letter with a date invitation, but Jasmine and the others intercept it, with Jasmine writing a decline and Iago adding an insulting PS. Hippsodeth reads the letter and is insulted, thinking it was the Sultan who wrote the insult. King Pector also reads the letter and decides to battle the Sultan to the death for the honor of Queen Hippsodeth, sending a threatening lightning challenge. Jasmine suggests Aladdin disguise himself as the Sultan and talk to him, but he is kidnapped by Scara so she can make the Sultan fall in love with Queen Hippsodeth and she can have King Pector to herself. While Aladdin escapes, the others distract King Pector. King Pector then show she will not listen to reason as he attacks Aladdin. The Sultan realizes what is going on and tries to stop him, but it is Queen Hippsodeth who defeats him, protecting the Sultan. The Sultan then asks her on a date while King Pector begins to take romantic interest in Scara.


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