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Machana is a mysterious immortal bug who is known as the creator of the Orb of Machana; an orb that has the power to cure any genie ailment.


He is a blue bug like creature with six limbs and a curly thin mustache.


He is narcissistic and enjoys giving out riddles but is honor bound to give the orb of Machana to those who succeed.

Powers and Abilities[]

Despite his fearsome reputation, Machana himself is actually rather ordinary in terms of physical abilities, having no magical powers and is as weak as a regular bug, being easily crushed by his own orbs. However, his true strength lies in his intelligence, being intelligent enough to speak and create magnificent steam-powered machines of titanic size which can move and act like living creatures and destroy anyone who dares question him, thus making up for his relative weakness, although what manner of bug he is or how he achieved such intelligence is unknown. Despite his lack of physical prowess or display of magical abilities, Machana is apparently an immortal, having been alive for thousands of years and being capable of recovering from potentially lethal damage, such as being crushed flat by his own orbs. He is also the creator of the Orb of Machana, small orbs which can cure any genie ailment, although how he makes them is unknown, but he does have an incredibly large storage full of orbs.


Sneeze the Day[]

When Genie becomes sick after being covered in guava juice and need an Orb Of Macana to heal himself, Aladdin, Iago, and Carpet go in the cavern to get it while Jasmine and Abu take care of him. Machana first appears as a crocodilian monster and tests Aladdin by making him stick out his tongue and touch his forehead and Aladdin succeeds. Machana later appears as a spider and plays a game of shuffle which Aladdin wins. Then Machana appears as a griffin and gives Aladdin a riddle which Aladdin guesses correctly by luck. Machana reveals his true bug form and gives Aladdin the Orb and they fly off. The bug goes to a room stocked with orbs. He says that it will take him a million years to get rid of them.



  • Machana may be based on the Bajang, a type of insect-like jinn of Arabic-Malaysian origin that could inhabit other bodies. The fact that he is immortal, lives out at sea and guards an essential relic for genies further strengthens this, but rather than inhabit real bodies, he inhabits machine bodies.
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