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Archenemy of Thundra, Former Holder of Earth's Weather, Serpent, Dragon, Snake


Royal Guards
The Sultan

Voiced by

Héctor Elizondo


Rain of Terror, The Return of Malcho


He is a large dragon like serpent god snake with the black dark purple feathered wings of a bird, a long tail with the lion's fur on the end of his tail and long black, purple, and white hair. He has green eyes and purple skin though his underbelly has a much lighter coloring and his bird wings have a much darker coloring on the outside and a grayer coloring on the inner feathers He has a long tongue and fangs. He has two insect antennas on his head.


Malcho is power hungry and desires nothign short of world domination. He cares not for the consequences of his actions and seeks to rule over all beings. He is capable of holding grudges for long periods of times against those who defy him or stop his efforts to rule the world, but he shows patience and cleverness, being very sneaky and knowing when to attack.


He is a large serpent who is good at strangling others with his long tail and is capable of flight. He is very strong and durable, considering he escaped from his frozen imprisonment and volcano imprisonment. He is also very intelligent and sneaky, knowing when to attack his opponents at their weakest or most vulnerable.


He used to be the holder of Thundra's medallion and controlled the weather until Thundra over threw him and took his amulet to use the powers responsibly.


In his debut, Malcho devises a plan to steal Thundra's necklace from Iago after observing them rom afar. He proclaims the age of the rain bird was over, and the Season of the Serpent had begun. He hunts down Thundra, Iago, Genie, and Abu but they manage to hide. Iago then tricks Malcho into thinking he wants to work for him by revealing everyone's whereabouts, telling him to get revenge first, and showing him how Thundra used her book of spells to use the amulet but in reality tricks Malcho to use a dangerous spell that freezes him its called the blast of The Arctic winds, allowing Genie to send him away to the frozen North Pole Arctic.

Later, Malcho managed to survive and came to Agrabah to hunt Iago down for revenge. Aladdin, as acting sultan protected Iago and managed to trick Malcho into being trapped in a volcano/ However, Malcho began to break free of his second prison, proclaiming that he would forget about Iago, and that when he is out of the volcano, Aladdin was his revenge.


It remains to be known how Thundra defeated him.

Thundra seems to know more about the amulet than Malcho considering the fact Iago was able to trick Malcho by using one of the spells Thundra wrote down in her book about how to use the amulet properly. Malcho base on a legendary hero serpent god Quetzalcotl from the Aztec Mythology.


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