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Malcho is the former king of the Rainforest and former master of weather before he was overthrown by his archenemy Thundra.


Malcho refers to himself as a feathered serpent, better known as an Amphithere, a type of snake-like feathered dragon. He possesses a scaly purple hide, a light purple underbelly and very dark purple and light purple feathers which are as scaly as his skin. He has the wings of a bird, a very long serpentine body which can increase its length, a tuft of lion-like fur at the end of his tail and a lion-like mane with long black, purple, and white hair. He has green snake eyes and his bird wings have a much darker coloring on the outside and a grayer coloring on the inner feathers. His most peculiar trait though are the insect-like antennas (or very thin feathers) on his head, making him look rather chimeric overall.


Malcho is power hungry and desires nothing short of world domination. He cares not for the consequences of his actions and seeks to rule over all beings through the power of lightning and hurricanes. He is capable of holding grudges for long periods of times against those who defy him or stop his efforts to rule the world, but he shows patience and cleverness, being very sneaky and knowing when to attack. Making him a very sly and deceptive being. Despite his deceptive nature, he is ironically very trusting, believing others when they wish to serve him or do as he wishes, although this may be due to his own arrogance in thinking that no one would dare defy him, however he was clearly excited and optimistic about the idea of having Iago become his sidekick and happily took advice from him, and it was Iago's deception which made him despise the parrot more than anyone else, even Thundra, before focusing all his hatred on Aladdin for protecting Iago.

Powers and Abilities[]

He is a large serpent who is good at strangling others with his long tail and is capable of flight. He is very strong and durable, considering he escaped from his frozen imprisonment and volcano imprisonment. He is also very intelligent and sneaky, knowing when to attack his opponents at their weakest or most vulnerable. He can also increase the length of his body, burrow underground (with difficulty) and his lungs are powerful enough that they create a short but powerful gust of wind. The fact that being frozen in the North Pole for months or dipped in the boiling lava of an erupting volcano did nothing to him is a testament to his endurance and stamina.

Weather Amulet[]

When he possessed the amulet, Malcho beheld absolute power over all the world's weather. While wearing the amulet, his bird's wing feathers and the lion's fur at the end of his tail transformed into black thunderclouds, from which he can summon lightning bolts and storms, conjure fierce winds rains and snow. Thundra and Iago each stole the amulet from him, depriving Malcho of his weather powers.



Malcho was once the Ruler of the Rainforest, commanding the weather with a magical amulet that he obtained via unknown means. How long his reign lasted is unknown, but he soon became corrupted by the power to control the weather and sought world domination, but he was somehow defeated by a bird from the Rainforest named Thundra who stole his amulet to use the powers it held responsibly, becoming the new Ruler of the Rainforest and queen of weather. From then on Malcho would plot to get the amulet back from Thundra, which would prove to not be an easy task as Thundra proved to be far more capable of unlocking the amulet's full potential, making her far more powerful than Malcho.

Rain of Terror[]

Malcho observed Iago convincing Thundra to take a weekend off from her responsibilities and entrusting the amulet to the parrot. Seizing this chance to reclaim his powers, Malcho managed to steal the amulet from Iago, proclaiming the age of the rain bird was over, and the Season of the Serpent had begun. Utilizing his old powers, Malcho planned to destroy Thundra as revenge, but she, Genie, Abu, and Iago managed to escape. Malcho found Iago who decided to side with the serpent and revealed to him Thundra and Genie. Imprisoning Thundra, Genie, and Abu, Malcho and Iago planned what to do for world-domination but Iago convinced Malcho revenge before duty. The parrot then tricked Malcho into using a spell from Thundra's book to summon the Arctic Wind, which backfired on Malcho, freezing him solid in a nearby waterfall and Iago recovered the amulet for Thundra. Malcho was thereafter banished to the North Pole.

The Return of Malcho[]

However, Iago hadn't seen the last of the winged serpent. Sometime after being banished, Malcho somehow thawed out and journeyed to Agrabah to take revenge on the parrot by eating him. There, Malcho tried several times to capture and devour Iago, but he was thwarted again and again by Aladdin, the acting Sultan in the absence of the real Sultan, and the Royal Guards. Finally, Aladdin decided to get rid of Malcho once and for all: he and the guards pretended they would sacrifice Iago to the serpent in exchange for leaving Agrabah in peace. But it was a trap set especially for Malcho, as they had met over a dormant volcano. Setting it off, Aladdin and the guards imprisoned Malcho in the volcano and believed him defeated.

However, Malcho broke free of his second prison, proclaiming that he would forget about Iago, and that when he is out of the volcano, Aladdin will be his. However, as Malcho is never seen again after this, it remains unknown what happened to him afterwards.


  • It remains to be known how Thundra defeated him.
  • Thundra seems to know more about the amulet than Malcho considering the fact Iago was able to trick Malcho by using one of the spells Thundra wrote down in her book about how to use the amulet properly, suggesting that Malcho may not have been the original creator of the amulet, especially since he could not make another to challenge Thundra.
  • Malcho is likely based on the legendary hero serpent god Quetzalcotl from the Aztec Mythology.
  • Malcho can also control water wind air seas oceans skies tidal waves tides ice lightning and storms through Weather Amulet.
  • If there is also a Great Elemental Storm Sea Serpents from both Aladdin and Little Mermaid who can also control water wind air seas oceans skies tidal waves tides ice lightning and storms through Sea and Storm Amulets just like Malcho with Weather Amulet and Wojira with Storm and Wave/Sea Amulets from Ninjago while they are also similar to Wojira.


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