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A Marid.

Marids are a race of reptilian genies with snake-like traits.


Unlike most genies, Marids are almost lizard or snake-like in appearance, having bodies covered in sharp and foul-smelling scales which regenerate at a rapid pace. They also have snake-like eyes and tongues and sharp venomous fangs. Ashab Khan the only known Marid also wears a snake-like ornament on his turban.

Genie claims that long ago each Marid of every Genie tribe ruled 1,000 Ifrit servants.


Abu and the Evil Genie[]

Abu unintentionally set free the evil marid Ashab Khan who then tried to kidnap Abu and destroy Agrabah before being defeated and sealed way by Aladdin, Genie and Abu.


  • They are based and named after the evil spirits from Arabic and Islamic tradition which have varied descriptions, such as being demonic giants or the most powerful and evil class of genies.
  • Their scaly appearance and Ifrits being considered genies seems to be more of a nod to Dungeons and Dragons, where both are genie classes and Marids are depicted as scaly or reptilian in contrast to the colorful and humanoid Djinn.