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The Mechanical Dragon (also known as The Dragon) is a giant robot dragon which he was being created by Genie and a minor villain character first appears in one of the episodes "Dune Quixote" from 1994s The Disney Afternoon Television Aladdin.

Role in the series

Dune Quixote

The Mechanical Dragon appears in the desert of Agrabah after Aladdin, Jasmine, Magic Carpet, Iago, Abu, Genie, and Sadira beating Abis Mal's Thugs, Douani, and his Unamed Big Theif, Genie made this Giant Mechanical Dragon and control this monster but he accidentally throws a remote control on a rock and The Giant Mechanical Dragon is outta control The Mechanical Dragon starts to attacked Sadira Jasmine and Genie, but Aladdin and Abu arrives and tries to attacked The Mechanical Dragon, but The Mechanical Dragon bites the spoon that Sadira stole the spoon from Farouk the vender from the start of the beginning, Jasmine, Iago, and Sadira manage defeats The Mechanical Dragon, where she use red sheet as a Bull fight and Sadira pulls the rope after Iago puts a hook on Jasmine, and Jasmine lifts up just in time and The Mechanical Dragon runs and crashed through into the wall and explodes, his head was explodes, and was bein destroyed himself.


The Mechanical Dragon was a giant robot dragon he was created by Genie to made Aladdin to saved Sadira from the robot dragon however Genie throws a remote control on a rock by mistake and the robot dragon was out of control.

Physical Appearance

The Mechanical Dragon is a giant green and black metal robot that made by Genie, breaths fire by hoses on his mouth, a blue eyes when lights flash, black large spikes on his back and big spike on top of his head, a talons claws on his hands and feet, a wings sides, and has a big tail which he used to whack them like Abu as a donkey.


The Mechanical Dragon bears closely resembles to Maleficent Dragon from The 1959s Disney's classic film Sleeping Beauty.



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