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Mechanical Rhinoceros Beetle

The Mechanical Rhino Beetle

The Mechanical Rhino Beetle was a giant robot created by Mechanicles to destroy all the "filthy" settlements. It was also the location of his first home.


Getting the Bugs Out[]

Sneeze the Day[]

Due to Genie's magical illness which could materialize or summon anything, Mechanicles' Mechanical Rhino Beetle was fully restored alongside a resurrected Fashoom and the Al Muddy Sultan. They cause many problems for Aladdin and his friends until they are all defeated by Genie's magic after being fully cured and having his old fully cosmic powers restored by the Orb of Machana. Genie defeated the Mechanical Rhino Beetle by shrinking it and crushing it with a fly swatter, and although genies are not allowed to kill, the Mechanical Rhino Beetle was a machine and so was never alive to begin with.