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Mehrunisa is a portly but amorous woman from Agrabah.

Physical Appearance[]

She is a morbidly obese woman with tan skin, long black poofy hair, bad teeth, extremely large lips, and is prone to wearing a lot of red lipstick big, gold earrings, a yellow dress, brown eyes, pink eyelids, and a purple bandana.

In the animated series, she was depicted with blonde hair rather than black and is even fatter than she was in the movie.


She is a jovial middle aged woman who is very attracted to Aladdin, considering him to be "rather tasty," something that she is very proud to say out loud.



While Aladdin is fleeing for his life from the Royal Guards during the song One Jump Ahead, he is cornered at a door and tries to calm the guards down. The door opens, and Mehrunisa appears from the other side. She picks up Aladdin and cradles him in her arms as she rocks him back and forth like a baby, and tells him she thinks he is "rather tasty." However, Aladdin is horrified by her amorously repulsive appearance, and he immediately rolls out of her arms before she can carry him into her house while she watches on gleefully.

Aladdin: The Series[]

A Clockwork Hero[]

After she lost her gold she thought a young boy stole them which prompted Wahid (who was in control of the giant robot Junior) to catch the boy and "bring him to justice", but upon catching him, Mehrunisa arrived and revealed that she had been mistaken and that her gold was in the wrong pocket.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin (2019 film)[]

She appears in the film with the same role as in the first film but she does not hug and cradle Aladdin. Instead, she helps Aladdin and Jasmine escape by blocking the path of the guards on a staircase, and she sings her line directly to the guards, rather than Aladdin. She wears a hijab on her head. She was played by Marisha Wallace who played the Fortune Teller in the original Broadway musical version of Aladdin. In the musical, she sang her line while grabbing Aladdin from behind (without picking him up).


  • Her name means "Sun of Women".