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He is a large dark skinned burly man with a scar on his right eye. He has a red captain jacket without a shirt and white pants. He wears a white cap and dark black hair with it tied to the side of his face in small ponytails. He has dark prominent lips and a missing front tooth.


He is a strong aggressive man obsessed with hunting the shark to gain its treasure. He is extreme, wiling to use Abu as bait and throwing Jasmine off the boat. Despite all that, he truly is a good leader and also understands the hunt was more exciting for him than the reward of treasure.


Raiders of Lost Shark[]

Murk comes to Agrabah to seek a crew to capture the sand shark and elects Aladdin and friends. However, he proves to be extreme, using Abu as bait and kicking Jasmine off the ship. They eventually stop the shark by tricking it to run into a rock. However, upon capturing the beast, Murk releases it to continue the hunt and extends the offer to Aladdin, who politely declines to be with Jasmine.

Beast or Famine[]

Murk is still hunting the Beast, but the rat people interrupt and kill it instead, causing him to want revenge and Aladdin decides to help since the Rat people kidnapped Genie. After they find the rat people and battle the evil Shaman leader controlling them, he accepts the rat people as his crew to fill the void.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves[]

He was one of many attenders to Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding.


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