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Minos was part of a small traveling circus along with Fatima, Aziz, and Abu. Abu stole from the audience while they performed tricks, and was later helped by a young Aladdin. When Aladdin decided to quit because it was wrong to steal from innocent people, Minos tricks him into helping them steal the fabled Destiny Stone by having aladdin set off the traps. When the trio attempt to steal the Destiny Stone, they are instead trapped inside, while Aladdin and Abu escape. Many years later, the three of them escape. Minos has become a minotaur, Fatima has become a harpy, and Aziz has become a goblin. They go on a crime spree but he notices Fatima is unhappy being a freak and tries to kidnap Jasmine to make Fatima sultana and make her happy. When she is attacked by Rajah and hurt, he commands Aziz to help them escape to tend to Fatima. Fatima then wants revenge on Aladdin and hold Abu hostage to lure Aladdin. Instead they accidentally capture Jasmine and Fatima releases her, asking her why she would risk her life for Aladdin and Jasmine returns the comment by stating Fatima would do the same for Minos. Minos and Fatima decide to not get revenge on Aladdin, causing Aziz to turn on them and attempt to kill them. Minos protects Fatima, who mourns him and realizes that even though they were freaks they still had love. The Destiny Stone returns them to normal and Fatima and Minos decide to travel and help people to make up for their wrong, kissing and getting their happy ending.


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