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"More than a Peacock Princess" is a duet song performed by Princess Jasmine and Iago about her wanted more responsibility in her life and how she is more than just for show in the direct-to-video Disney film Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams.


Jasmine: Another Satin Gown
Another Rose Bouquet
Another King, Another Ring, Another Boring Day

I'm Gonna Sound The Call
From Mecca To Siam
I'm More Than A Peacock Princess

I Am

Iago: Yeah, Right!
Jasmine: I Am
Iago: Not Quite!

Jasmine: I Smile And I Wave
I Wave And Then I Smile

I Sit On One More Camel's Hump
For One More Bumpy Mile

I'm Not Just One More Silk
In Daddy's Caravan
I'm More Than A Peacock Princess

I Am

Iago: I Believe She Is

Jasmine: I Can Find A Cure
I Can Help The Poor
I Could Soar If They'd Give Me Half A Chance

When Will They get A Clue?
There's So Much That I Can Do

Iago: You Can Knock 'em Flat

Jasmine: Be A Diplomat

Iago: It's Apparent That Girl's Got Talent

Jasmine: Send The Sultan
A Royal Telegram
I'm More Than A Peacock Princess

Iago: You're More Than A Peacock Princess

Jasmine and Iago: I'm/you're More Than A Peacock Princess

Jasmine: I Am

Iago: You Are

Jasmine: By Far

Iago: A Star

Jasmine: I Am

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