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Mother Griffin (also known as The Griffin) is a giant mother female mythical griffin monster from The Greek Mythology with her body and tail of a lion and her head and wings of a eagle, she is a villain but later becomes a reformed character first appeared in one of 1994s The Disney Television Afternoon Shows episodes "Egg-stra Protection" Aladdin.

Role in the series

Egg-stra Protection

The Mother Griffin appears and flies over to cause havoc and wreck The City of Getizstan buildings after Abis Mal and Haroud Hazi Bin stoles her egg, now it is the casino place where Sultan Pasta Al Dente was lives at here she could really find the baby griffin's egg that Abis Mal and Haroud Hazi Bin had stolen the egg from her, because she's scare everyone away according to Sultan Pasta Al Dente, in the end of the episode The Mother Gryphon was very angry at Abis Mal after Genie release the door that he shut the door after she chase Jasmine into that door, then suddenly the egg was begin to hatch and the baby griffin was out of the egg and born and was happy to see his mother and they are very happy talk to each other together as mother and son and Abis Mal, and Haroud Hazi Bin are bein lock up inside the cage after The Mother, and baby Gryphon flies away from The City of Getizstan which was repairs along with Aladdin and his friends with The Magic Carpet.


The Mother Griffin was a giant mother mythical creature she arrives at The City of Getizstan to cause all over the city and scare people away because she was very angry that Abis Mal who stole the egg from her in the end the egg begins to hatch and baby griffin was happy to see his the mother.

Physical Appearance

The Mother Griffin is a giant female momma brown mythical griffin with her body, claws, white furs and tail of a lion and head, light brown beak, and white feather wings of a eagle.


In legends like dragons do Griffins guards treasure if these people tries to get the treasures.