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Mozenrath's Gauntlet

Mozenrath's Gauntlet

Mozenrath's Gauntlet (or simply The Gauntlet) is the ultimate source of power for the evil sorcerer Mozenrath. Like Jafar's Snake Staff, this is Mozenrath's main source of power that he uses in his quest for world domination.


"To wear the gauntlet is painful. But it's worth it, worth it to destroy the likes of you!"
Mozenrath to Aladdin

To the untrained eye, the Gauntlet appears to be an ordinary leather gauntlet with a black rim, but despite its mundane appearance it is in fact an object of incredible power and when used it glows with an astounding energy of varying colors. However the glove's interior is ghastly all consuming force of pain that eats away at its wearer little by little the more it is used.

Powers and Abilities[]

The gauntlet is a magical object endowed with immense power rivaling that of a liberated genius. It gives its wearer enormous magical powers: telekinesis, teleporting, rays of energy, flight, illusions, metamorphosis, telepathy, dimensional portals, pyrokinesis, and probably more.

The gauntlet is even capable of increasing its wearer's physical abilities, giving him superhuman strength, but Mozenrath being physically ill and preferring to use magic rather than close combat, he does not often use this ability.

However the main weakness of the gauntlet is that it drains the life force and flesh of the wearer, leaving the limb of where it is worn to be skeletal and also condemning them to a very rapid death.



The Gauntlet originally belonged to Mozenrath's master Destane, the former ruler of the Land of the Black Sand, but when Mozenrath usurped him, he took the gauntlet for himself and transformed his former master's corpse into a Mamluk. With the gauntlet he became the new unquestionable ruler of the Black Sands and began his sinister campaign of domination over the rest of the Seven Deserts.

Aladdin: The Series[]

The Lost City of the Sun[]

Aladdin, Genie, Abu, and Iago discovered the true nature behind Mozenrath's gauntlet and what it did to his now skeletal limb, leaving them in squeamish disgust. Mozenrath then explains that whilst Aladdin had Genie's power "delivered to him on a silver platter", he lost the flesh on his right arm by wanting power himself. The Sprites took the removed gauntlet and hid it far out into the desert, Mozenrath screamed with rage and along with Xerxes desperately began digging trying to find it.

Two to Tangle[]

Sometime after their last encounter, Mozenrath finally found his gauntlet once more he revealed that the power of the gauntlet was draining his body of energy leaving him with not much time left to live. He decides to kidnap Aladdin to switch bodies with him. However, Genie's interference cause both of them to end up in Aladdin's body while Mozenrath's is turned into a stone figurine, leaving his gauntlet behind.

The gauntlet is then placed along with the figurine in a trunk, but Mozenrath, who is controlling Aladdin's body from within steals it back, but then they decide to reverse the spell with Mozenrath insisting that Aladdin wears the gauntlet if they are to succeed in obtaining the Elixir of Life.

They eventually retrieve it, but Mozenrath wants full possession of Aladdin's body and fights him from within with Aladdin emerging victorious. Aladdin drinks the elixir and Mozenrath leaves Aladdin's body returning to the stone figurine of his own body before being locked in a cage along with Xerxes by Genie. The sorcerer demands his gauntlet back, but Aladdin refuses saying that it's bad for his health, taking it away from him for good before Genie sends the balloon attached to the cage up into the air.

It's unknown what happened to it afterwards, but it's assumed that it was either destroyed or hidden away somewhere where no one would use it again.