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Mozenrath's Winged Beast (also known as The Creature) is a magical big Pterosaur look-like a monster also known as The Creature which was was bein named by Razoul after he was bein rescued by Aladdin and The Magic Carpet , The Winged Creature was being created by magic leader Mozenrath his minion, and his pet eel Xerxes, and a minor villain character first appeared in one of 1994s The Disney Televsion Afternoon Shows Aladdin (TV series), first appeared in the episode, The Citadel. Mozenrath, and Xerxes used The Winged Creature to test there enemies's strength powers.

Role in the series

The Citadel

""When we are through he will be ugly still", "And I am his match!", "Mercy", "I was just about to get the drop on The Creature, Street Rat!""
Razoul (after Aladdin and The Magic Carpet rescued him from The Creature before Aladdin drops Razoul in the hay cart) "Cowards Xerxes all of them, this one has the muscle, pathetic".Mozenrath

The Winged Creature is used by Mozenrath, it was seen the terrorizing all over The City Marketplace at The City of Agrabah chased the people all around The City Marketplace with Mozenrath, and Xerxes hides in the shadows as Mozenrath stoles and eating a pear from the fruit cart. The Winged Creature hits the pots and landed on the rooftop and heard someone's come its Razoul, Hakim, and Fazal shows up they tried fight this Pterosaur like monster, but The Winged Creature defeats each one by one of The Royal Guards. Then Razoul tries to killed him with his sword but the Winged Creature hit the sword with his talons claws on his wings Razoul tries to give mercy to The Winged Creature but The Winged Creature won't listen to him and tries kill him but Aladdin, and The Magic Carpet rescued Razoul from The Creature just in time, and The Winged Creature missed him, Razoul was not happy to being rescued from that street rat and tells Aladdin that he was just about get to drop on The Winged Creature, but Aladdin drops him in a hay cart.

The Winged Creature chased Aladdin, and The Magic Carpet The Winged Creature grabs The Magic Carpet with talons, and lifts it up allowed Aladdin falls down towards the spiked table Genie rescue him just in time but The Winged Creature hit Genie, Aladdin grabs and hold on tight on The Winged Creature's legs as they flies over through sheets of laundry Aladdin grabs one of the sheet and puts a sheet on The Winged Creature's face The Winged Creature shakes the sheet of laundry and turns and saw that he was flies towards the wall. The Winged Creature crashed into a wall and falls down on the floor until he heard someone cries and turn to see The Woman standing on the rooftop of the building holding The Baby on her hand he tries to kill them but, Aladdin rescued them just in time as The Winged Creature begins to charged at Aladdin, and The Woman then suddenly however The Winged Creature vanished away in smoke by Mozenrath.

After the Battle with The Winged Creature the baby was actually Xerxes in his disguise and the woman vanished away in smoke by Mozenrath as well, Mozenrath appears out of the curtain and he was very impressive with Aladdin beating that magical pterosaur like monstrosity, he told Aladdin that he passed the test, and defeating The Pterosaur like Creature, Aladdin and Genie flies away with The Magic Carpet to Aladdin's Hovel away from The City Marketplace for lunch for his friends, leaving Mozenrath and Xerxes had clever evil plans for Aladdin and his friends they send Genie away to Land of the Black Sand where a Thirdack the magic eater monster was inside Mozenrath's Citadel Lair building throne room so they send Aladdin and his friends to go to Land of the Black Sand and enter Mozenrath's Lair to find and save Genie before The Thirdack gets him.


The Winged Creature is a magical Pterosaur look-like monster he was a minion pet of Mozenrath and Xerxes The Winged Creature is cruel, dangerous, and viscous, The Winged Creature rampaging all over in The City Marketplace, in The City of Agrabah while Mozenrath, and Xerxes hides in the shadows, the pterosaur monster chases the people around the marketplace as he heard Razoul, and The Palace Guards coming towards him and battles them one by one Razoul, Fazal, Hakim, until before the battle ends, The Winged Creature was vanished away in magic smoke by his leader Mozenrath when he was tries attacked Aladdin, and The Magic Carpet.

Physical Appearance

The Winged Creature is large, slender, muscular grayish-blue magical Pterosaur look-like monster with sharp teeths, sharp pointy beak, sharp talons claws on his hands, on top of his wings, and sharp claws on his feet, silver pterosaur like dragon's wing sides which The Winged Creature used the wings to fly up in the sky, yellow eyes with green iris, dark blue spikes on his backs and dark blue on his his face, two blue little horns on top of his head, two legs with three talons toes, and a dark and light brown loincloth held up by a red belt.


  • The Winged Creature bears a closely resemblance to Brooklyn the Red Gargoyle from the other 1994 The Disney Afternoon Show, Gargoyles (Television series).



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