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Much Abu About Something
Season 1, Episode 5
Ep 9
Air date March 27, 1994
Written by Steve Roberts
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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"Much Abu About Something" is the fifth episode of Aladdin the TV Series. It originally aired on the Disney Channel on March 27, 1994.


A lost civilization that is being menaced by a surviving Tyrannosaurus worships Abu as their great protector, but Aladdin pushes Abu out of the spotlight by continuously talking for Abu.


At the Marketplace, Abu and Iago steal a melon from Farouk and they get chased by him. While Abu runs away from Farouk, he has a vision of a city calling for help. Back at the Marketplace, Abu is still getting chased by Farouk and then Aladdin saves the monkey.

The gang are now having the same vision Abu had earlier. Genie tells them that it's a city called Ziggarock calling for help and the gang go to the civilization. When they get there, the shaman of Ziggarock shows them a statue of Abu, who he says is their liberator. The shaman says that they have been trapped in the mountain for generations by an ancient peril and he asks Aladdin and the gang to bring them food.

Aladdin and the gang are in the jungle getting food for the people at Ziggarock. Then, a Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks the jungle. Abu tries to fight it, but Aladdin tells him that its too dangerous, so the gang get out of the jungle.

When the gang goes back at the Ziggarock mountain, Aladdin tells the shaman that Abu "confided his master plans to him." At the base of the mountain, Aladdin and the gang come up with a plan to trap the dinosaur. They put a giant X on the ground so the dinosaur stands on it and they can make boulders bury it. After doing so, the people at Ziggarock cheer for Abu. Abu is upset because his friends don't believe that he can save Ziggarock on his own.

While everyone is having a celebration, Abu walks away sadly and the dinosaur gets out of the boulders and goes up the mountain. Abu sees the dinosaur attacking the city and goes fights it. He goes to the cliff to make the dinosaur follow him and fall down, but the monkey falls as well.

Everyone believes Abu is dead, but they see Abu holding on to the cliff. When Carpet brings Abu back up, Aladdin tells the monkey that he was a hero all along and everyone cheers for Abu.

Character Debut[]

Tyrannosaurus Rex

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  • This is the third episode Jasmine is absent and doesn't appear.