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Mudder's Day
Season 1, Episode 2
Ep 13
Air date February 13, 1994
Written by Jan Strnad
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 1: Getting the Bugs Out
Episode 3: Fowl Weather

"Mudder's Day" is the second episode of Aladdin The TV Series, originally aired on the Disney Channel on February 13, 1994. It was later the thirteenth episode to air in syndication.


Aladdin, his friends, and the guards are riding on camels in a desert, looking for the oasis. Aladdin says that The Sultan put him in charge of the group and he gets them all lost. Iago tells everyone that he found the oasis, with Aladdin saying that he knew where it was. While everyone is enjoying it, Aladdin looks at the map, but can't find the oasis.

Jasmine shows up and brings Aladdin to a beautiful pool. Genie and Abu get in the pool and Jasmine brings Aladdin in there. While the gang is enjoying the pool, a mud creature from underwater makes the water and everyone, except Carpet and the guards, sink in a hole.

The gang ends up in a pile of mud. They run into two mud creatures trying to attack them. After getting away from the Al-Muddy, the gang ends up in a path to a giant castle. They knock on the door of the castle, and a giant mud sultan answers it. The gang is about to escape, but the sultan catches them and is about to eat them. Since Aladdin is the leader, he has to go get help. The mud sultan gets him out and the street rat tells him to return him to the surface so he could get "matamata spice." The sultan agrees and says that he will let Aladdin go, but leave his friends behind.

Jasmine insists that Aladdin escapes and the mud sultan throws him out of his castle. Carpet enters from a passage into the earth and helps Aladdin get back in the castle and rescue his friends. The mud sultan realizes that this was all a trick and goes after the gang.

When the gang gets out, the mud sultan gets out and tries to attack everyone. Aladdin sees that the sultan dries out when he's under the sun. So he tricks him into catching him to where the sun is, and the sultan becomes completely dry and he breaks apart. Everyone, especially Razoul, now agrees that Aladdin was the right person to be in charge.