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Mujahideen is one of the minor villains in Aladdin and the King of Thieves. He is also one of the Forty Thieves in Cassim's group.

He is voiced by Clyde Kusatsu.

Physical Appearance[]

Mujahideen is a short, stout man with tan skin, blue eyes, black hair and a goatee, a navy martial arts suit and a fancy hat, a thick plum sash tied around his waist, and dark brown slippers.

Powers and Abilities[]

Martial arts: Mujahideen is an expert martial artist, using these skills to attack his enemies while stealing any valuable items on them. While these skills are impressive, they do not make him invincible since he has failed to intimidate Genie, was easily defeated by Sa'luk and was taken out with ease by Carpet.

Strength: Mujahideen was able to cause a weakened pillar to fall and crash in front of him during the thieves attack on Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding, preventing any guards from stopping him from stealing any of the patrons' valuable goods.


Mujahideen seems to care little about the people he steals from, which is typical for a thief.

He is also not easily persuaded, which is seen when he asks Sa'luk why the remaining thieves should believe his claims that Cassim betrayed them, seeing as how he always hated the King of Thieves.

He also seems to be a bit overconfident, such as when he, alongside Omid and Behrang tried intimidating Genie during Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding, which failed.

Also like most thieves, Mujahideen is greedy. This was his comeuppance while the Hand of Midas landed on his and the other six thieves boat, turning it to gold and causing it to sink and leaving them stranded in the sea.


His name comes from an Arabic term for Islamic Guerilla fighters 'mujāhidīn' (مجاهدين‎). The term was popularized during the Soviet-Afghan war from 1979-1989.