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The Mukhtar and Saurus arrvives at the mountain

The last known Mukhtar.

Mukhtars were once a race of reptilian people who dedicated their lives to hunting and trapping genies, making the two races arch-enemies and the main cause of all genies being bound into servitude. Now though the only known member of this race is the mysterious hunter who is simply called "The Mukhtar".


The Mukhtars were a hardy people who dedicated themselves to subduing all genies, and according to Genie the hunt was all they lived for, seeing genies as their eternal enemies for unknown reasons.

Despite this Mukhtars weren't entirely ruthless, as they knew when to show gratitude, even towards their enemies, for if anyone saved their life, regardless if it was a genie or not, the Mukhtar would owe their savior a debt of honor which could only be repaid by saving them or saving those they cared about in return.

The last known Mukhtar however no longer bears a hatred towards genies as his ancestors did, simply hunting for the sake of making a living, and later on was willing to befriend Genie, showing that he did not carry the ire of his people. He is also shown to have a kindred bond with his mount, a creature referred to as a Saurus, but whether this creature was a mainstay of Mukhtar culture is unknown.


The Mukhtar's Manacles

The monstrous manacles of servitude.

Mukhtars were masters at creating all manner of anti-genie weaponry and traps, even creating the monstrous manacles that bind a genie to an eternity of servitude. Even a freed genie cannot escape imprisonment from a Mukhtar.

Aside from their skills in weaponry, Mukhtars are powerful fighters with incredible agility, capable of moving as fast as the wind and leaping incredible distances. Due to their history of genie hunting, Mukhtars are expert trackers, made all the more efficient by their powerful sense of smell, having even developed the ability to smell magic itself.

Despite this, Mukhtars are still mortal and can be taken off guard and defeated, and without their weapons and relics they would be at a disadvantage against a genie.



More than 10,000 years ago, Mukhtars were the archenemies of all genies, dedicated their lives to their destruction or imprisonment. Many genies, if not all became imprisoned within objects, with the exception of one who only survived due to losing his genie powers.

At an unknown point presumably starting after 2000 years ago, the Mukhtar began to die out due to unknown causes, eventually leaving the fate of their race a mystery, but their legend would live on in tales and within the hearts of terrified genies. However one continued to make his name known, becoming an hunter for hire who simply called himself "The Mukhtar".

Genie Hunt[]

The Mukhtar was hired by Ajed Al-Gebraic to hunt down and capture Genie, but in the end Al-Gebraic cancelled the contract.

The Hunted[]

The Mukhtar was this time hired by Mozenrath to capture Genie and his friends, but the Mukhtar betrayed Mozenrath after forming a debt of honor with Genie.