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The songs featured in the first animated movie "Aladdin" include "Arabian Nights" sung by the peddler, "One Jump Ahead" sung by Aladdin, "One Jump Ahead (Reprise") sung by Aladdin, "Friend Like Me" sung by the Genie, "Prince Ali" sung by the Genie, "A Whole New World" sung by Aladdin and Jasmine, the villain song "Prince Ali (Reprise)" sung by Jafar, and "A Whole New World (Reprise)" sung by Aladdin and Jasmine.

Arabian Nights[]

Arabian Nights is the opening song of the animated feature Aladdin. The song begins with The Peddler riding on his camel in the middle of the desert. The song describes life in the deserts of Arabia, and invites the audience to join the crowd in their adventures. As he's singing, the movie introduces the audience to the kingdom of Agrabah, specifically the palace and the streets. As The Peddler is nearing the end of his song, he rides into the kingdom, where he welcomes the audience to Agrabah.

One Jump Ahead[]

One Jump Ahead is a song sung by Aladdin while Abu and he are being chased by the royal guards for stealing a loaf of bread. During the song, he avoids the guard's weapons and attacks, explains that he has to steal food to eat so that he can live, and easily outsmarts those following him. He also shows that he dislikes Abu stealing what they don't need, when he grabbed Abu and grabbed him when he was trying to steal some rich jewelry. After almost getting surrounded, he leaps on a carpet, and soars over a wall to safety.

One Jump Ahead

Aladdin surrounded by the palace guards in One Jump Ahead

One Jump Ahead (Reprise)[]

One Jump Ahead (Reprise) is a short but longing song sung by Aladdin after he is called a street rat by Prince Achmed. During the song, he travels back to his hovel with Abu, preparing to end their day. He expresses his wish that people wouldn't just look down on him because he's a street rat, and says that if they looked closer, they'd find out that there's more to him than meets the eye.

Friend Like Me[]

Friend Like Me is a popular and fun song sung by the Genie while he proves that he's not just Aladdin's everyday friend. After hearing Aladdin express his belief that Genie's just a dream, he begins the song by comparing himself to other famous adventurers, proving that he's more powerful than them. Afterwards, he starts showing off the extent of his power, conjuring food, clothes, items and even living beings to assist him in his song. For the finale, he conjures just about everything he showed before at once, and ends the song with a big finish, making everything he conjured disappear in the process, much to Abu's frustration.

Prince Ali[]

Prince Ali is the second song sung by the Genie. It begins with a trumpet blow that's just loud enough to snap the Sultan out of the trance Jafar was trying to get him into. A parade then marches into Agrabah, declaring the arrival of Prince Ali Ababwa, who was really Aladdin after making his first wish. Genie takes over the song, using his magic to spread rumors about Prince Ali and showing off his possessions, getting everybody interested in him. They soon enter the palace (Abu kicks open the door, nearly crushing Jafar and Iago against the wall in the process) and sings the finale in front of the Sultan. At the end, Aladdin introduces himself.

A Whole New World[]

A Whole New World is a duet sung by Aladdin, who's going by Prince Ali, and Princess Jasmine. Hoping to gain her love and trust, Aladdin invites Jasmine on a ride across the desert on his magic carpet. With some suspicion about his identity, Jasmine accepts. The song begins as they're soaring over Agrabah, with Aladdin telling Jasmine that he can take her anywhere her heart desires. They fly into the clouds, through fields, and even through Egypt at one point, taking in the beauty the entire time. As the song ends, they both know one thing for certain; they're in love.

Prince Ali (Reprise)[]


Jafar's Prince Ali Version (HQ)

Prince Ali (Reprise)

The song Prince Ali (Reprise) is a villain song sung by Jafar after he obtains the Genie's lamp and power from Aladdin, and uses his magic to turn himself into a sorcerer. The song begins with him magically revealing who Prince Ali really is to Jasmine and the Sultan, and turns Abu back into a monkey. After doing so, he traps Aladdin, Abu and (unknowingly) Carpet in one of the palace's towers, and banishes them to "the ends of the Earth." After bidding Aladdin farewell, he turns on Jasmine and the Sultan, laughing hysterically.

A Whole New World (Reprise)[]

A Whole New World (Reprise) is a very short song sung by Aladdin and Jasmine after Aladdin frees

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A Whole New World (Reprise)

the Genie and The Sultan allows Jasmine to marry whoever she wants. The two of them, now engaged, sing this song as they're riding off into the distance on Carpet. As they kiss and fly out of view, the moon in the background suddenly starts laughing. Genie appears, saying to the audience "Made you look!" and disappears, ending the movie.