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Maya the Mystic is an old woman who appears in the Aladdin.


Maya the Mystic is an old woman who wears a violet hijab over her gray robe and a brown sash. She also carries a light tan bag that seems hung around her neck underneath her hijab.


Maya is a greedy old woman who only cares about herself. She will do business with whoever, including Abis Mal despite the repercussions that could cause. She also tends to rip off her customers, charging them exorbitant prices while sometimes giving them terrible goods (in Aladdin's case when he needed a gift for Jasmine she gave him an ugly stuffed yak decoy) and also giving them faulty information or not tell them everything they needed to hear. Though she does manage to give them good products at times. She was even willing to enslave a small wallaby like animal in order to get anything she wanted and didn't feel a bit of remorse for what she had done.


Scare Necessities[]

In her first appearance, Aladdin wanders to her shop by mistake in the hopes of buying Jasmine a gift. He considers buying her a locket and then comes across beautiful chest and ries to buy it but Maya refuses. She then takes him downstairs where she sell him an ugly stuffed yak decoy for a ton of money. While distracted Iago and Abu steal the decorative chest to give to Jasmine for her birthday to butter her up. She notices the chest is gone after they leave. She appears at the end of the episode trying to reclaim Squirt back but fails when Iago scares him causing him to disappear back to his home (as scaring the creature gives the scarer whatever he/she wants). Angered, she warns them she will feed them to her ficus the next time they meet.

Lost and Founded[]

Abis Mal steals her Sands of Time to travel back in time.

Moonlight Madness[]

Aladdin falls into her shop after he slips on the fruity mess that Abu, Genie and Iago made during their food fight. They see bones that begin to levitate in the air and she tells them the bones don't lie and speak of a great treasure, demanding a silver for the information. Aladdin only has a copper and she takes it, telling him of an island not too far where during a full moon the treasure appears but also tells him of his date with Jasmine which conflicts with this. He leaves, and she states sneakily how she didn't warn him about the jackal but would have if she had gotten a silver.

The Day the Bird Stood Still[]

Off-screen, she had sold Abis Mal a Rock Ifrit whose venom turns people to stone, which he put in the Sultan's bath oils though only Iago is poisoned as he snuck in to use the Sultan's bath. Later, Aladdin goes to her store and buys a horn (the call of the rock ifrit) to summon the rock ifrit for a large bag of coins. However, he blows the horn before she warns him that once the horn is blown the rock ifrit will not stop until he has poisoned the summoner.