The Odiferans are the native barbarian people of Odiferous. A hardy people who pride themselves on only two things, strength and cheese making. They are ruled by the friendly and mighty Prince Uncouthma.





Despite being humans, the men and women of Odiferous posses a Herculean level of strength and endurance, easily being able to crush boulders, create quakes just by jumping and surviving being crushed or even blown up with little to no injuries. Even their infants are born with Samson-like strength and even mature faster than regular humans, becoming toddlers in no less than a year. Odiferans also have a far hardier digestive system, capable of eating rotten food with no difficulty.

Culinary Skills

Odiferans are master cheese makers, capable of creating the most delicious and also the most foulest of cheeses from the milk of yaks. They are also produce foods of the most foul-smelling and occasionally inedible quality, such as pickled vulture eggs that have been marinating for 1,000 years and bouquets of rotten flounders.


That Stinking Feeling

Stinker Belle

Smells Like Trouble

The Way We War


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