Odiferous is a country with a strong Germanic theme first seen in the Aladdin television series. Its inhabitants are all large, strong and obsessed with combat, yaks and cheese, especially cheese. It is ruled by a jolly Prince Uncouthma.

Yak Cheese is the cornerstone of Odiferon life. It is the primary foodstuff, export and focus of local festivities. It is so prevalent in the land that there is a smell in the air at all times. A Yak farmer is considered a high enough position in society to be worthy of marrying the royalty, foreign traders have had their wares destroyed when it is found they don't carry cheese.

All Odiferans are superhumanly strong, but also lacking in terms of mental agility or combat strategy. Their idea of a battle plan is simply to 'smash' their target until it is destroyed and the very idea that brute force doesn't always work will have them all look at you strangely.

The belief was challenged by the arrival of deadly lizards who quickly overtook the capital. These lizards ravenously ate all cheese supplies and released a powerful stench which turned even the hardiest Odiferons deathly ill. The strong peoples smashing and bashing tactics proved useless as the lizards were impervious to injury and seeing as they did not understand the concept of an alternative to brute force the mighty people were completely helpless. It was not until the intervention of Aladdin and friends stopping the lizards with brains that Odiferous (Or at least Uncouthma and his son Bud) learned that sometimes brains trump brawn.

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