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Omar is a humble merchant in Agrabah who deals in all kinds of goods, but mostly fruits such as melons and dates.


He is a middle-aged and portly gentleman dressed in humble brown garbs and wears a brown fez.


"Try this! Your taste buds will dance and sing!"

He is a humble merchant who treats his customers with a jolly disposition, especially to young women, and takes pride in his goods. He is only quick to ire if his goods are stolen, however he is not as temperamental or as violent as his fellow merchant Farouk.



Omar was first seen trying to sell his melons at the marketplace, one of which ended up being stolen by Abu and Aladdin for breakfast after making a fool of him. He is later seen witnessing the celebratory arrival of Prince Ali to Agrabah.

The Return of Jafar[]

When Iago makes his "grand" return to Agrabah, he begins taking fruits and jewels from all the merchant stalls, including Omar's stand. This infuriates Omar to the point of actually trying to cut Iago in half with his knife. In the end he settles for slinging a melon at Iago and warning him that if he ever stole from the merchants again then they would feed him to the jackals.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Air Feather Friends[]


Omar selling his goods.

Omar is seen in the marketplace trying to sell his fruits at ridiculous prices to the simpleton guard Fazal who complains that at such prices his fruits should be covered in jewels. Just then Abu steals a banana from his stall, causing Fazal to attack him but Omar accidentally throws a banana at Fazal which he was aiming for Abu, thus unintentionally saving Abu. The two then pursue Abu who runs up to Aladdin who then explains that Abu was planning to pay Omar for the banana all along while secretly giving Abu some coins to give to Omar who leaves satisfied.

To Cure a Thief[]

When Abu and Iago our scouring the bazaar for some treats to steal, they spy Omar at his usual place, this time selling delicious date and blueberry-filled pastries. Abu then steals two of his pastries in an instant, leaving Omar upset and confused.

Web of Fear[]

After a tremendous earthquake caused a sinkhole in Agrabah, Omar became trapped under debris, but he was later saved by Aladdin. Omar was later part of the angry mob initially fearful of the Unkbuut before being made to realize they were peaceful by the Queen Unkbuut's heroic feat.

Strike Up the Sand[]

Jasmine takes Aladdin to Omar's stall who is currently dealing in fine fabrics in hopes of buying Aladdin some fabric for a new wardrobe, to which Omar is quick to suggest some silk for someone as lovely as Jasmine, but she quickly corrects him and states that it is for Aladdin, to which he indifferently suggests buying some musty burlap for him, but Jasmine makes it clear that she wants only the finest silk for Aladdin's new attire to which an eager Omar offers to show her the finest silk he has in storage, with her eventually buying a set of purple and white silk to match the colors of Aladdin's old outfit.

Smolder and Wiser[]

When Abis Mal starts using Magma to heat up the city, Omar is the first to notice the unnatural rise in heat, even accurately referring to it as the work of demons.

I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like[]

When Mechanicles and Gregarius took control of Agrabah, Omar was among the many citizens enslaved by the fiendish duo to help clean up the city down to the very last speck.

Moonlight Madness[]

Omar is seen in the bazaar selling sugar dates as Aladdin and Jasmine walk by. Later when Aladdin and Iago damaged his produce, Omar became furious and demanded payment to which Aladdin sadly complied.

Raiders of the Lost Shark[]

Omar along with Farouk and the Amail were among the angry mob of merchants outraged over the Sand Shark's attack on the bazaar which threatened both their business and their lives, and demanded the Sultan do something.

Caught by the Tale[]

Omar is selling fruits in the bazaar until Iago and Abu decide to steal from him again.

The Spice is Right[]

Omar is one of the many people who is conned by Iago and Genie into buying the seemingly useless Magic Spice.

Poor Iago[]

During the intense drought plaguing Agrabah, Omar tried selling his grapes and plums which had shriveled up and dried out, forcing him to rebrand them as raisins and prunes. Later when Iago began causing trouble for the local merchants due to his new "generous" persona, Farouk formed a small mob with Omar and Amail to hunt down Iago.

Seems Like Old Crimes[]

Omar was one of the many who were attacked by Minos, Fatima and Aziz and had his valuables stolen.

The Hunted[]

Omar is closing up his stall for the night when he is once again targeted by Abu and Iago who manage to steal two of his apples, but when they are kidnapped by The Mukhtar, Omar hears the screams of terror and runs away in fear, but not before taking back the apples they dropped.

While the City Snoozes[]

Omar was among the many who fell victim to Mirage's sleeping spell and later controlled into hunting down Aladdin.

The Ethereal[]

When Judgement Day had come for Agrabah in the form of the Ethereal, Omar almost fell victim to her judgement but was saved by Aladdin, who then promised to give free apples to Aladdin and Abu from now on. He later celebrated with the rest of Agrabah when the Ethereal restored the kingdom back to normal.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin Books[]

Omar occasionally appears in printed media but mostly those that are a retelling of the first film or as a background character in other stories.


  • Omar means "flourishing and long-lived".
  • He shares his name with one of Aladdin's three friends from the conceptual phase of the first film who was removed and replaced with Abu.