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Omid is a character in Aladdin and the King of Thieves. He is one of the Forty Thieves in Cassim's group.

He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Physical Appearance[]

Omid is a tall, slender man with tan skin, green eyes, black hair, eyebrows, and a mustache, a navy suit, a black vest, a cornflower cumber bun, a primrose hood, and fancy black slippers.

Powers and Abilities[]

Swordsmanship: Omid has much skill in the use of swords, being capable of using one or two at a time depending on the circumstances. He uses this to not only attack his enemies but also intimidate people while stealing their valuables. His skill was first demonstrated when he tore the basket he was in to shreds in seconds using two swords just before the attack on the wedding. Despite his skill with swords, he was easily defeated by non-human opponents such as Genie during the attack on the wedding and Carpet on the Vanishing Isle, as well as some skilled human opponents such as Jasmine on the Vanishing Isle and Sa'luk in the Forty Thieves lair.

Knife throwing: Omid is also skilled in the use of throwing knives. He used this ability against Iago when he tried to steal some of the thieves' treasure and against Sa'luk when he tried to convince the seven remaining thieves that Cassim had betrayed them.


Like most thieves, Omid is greedy and cares little for the people he robs. His greed was his downfall when the Hand of Midas landed in his and the remaining thieves boat, causing it to sink and leaving them stranded in the sea.

He was also quite overconfident in his abilities, with his attempt to intimidate Genie with Mujahideen and Behrang being a complete failure and him being very easily defeated by Sa'luk.

Omid was also one of the more aggressive of the forty thieves, seeing as how he nearly killed Iago with his knives when he tried to steal some of the thieves' treasure and how he was the first of the seven remaining thieves to attack Sa'luk upon his return.


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